Amber Amour is an optional quest that occurs during the Field Study (Day 1) in Chapter 4: A Midsummer's Revels of Trails of Cold Steel.


The quest is given to you automatically by Carl Regnitz via the Field Study envelope. The player can start the quest by speaking with Heming at the Concert Cafe - Etoile on Alto Street.

This quest has must be completed prior to finishing Underground Passage Monster.


  1. Speak with Heming at the counter in Concert Cafe - Etoile on Alto Street.
  2. Speak with Fiona at Elliot's House.
  3. Speak with Receptionist Silia at the Information Desk in Plaza Bifrost on Vainqueur Street.
  4. Speak with Nadja in Emmrod's Used Goods in the Ost District.
  5. Return to Old Man Heming.
  6. Enjoy the new music at Concert Cafe - Etoile.


Stage Entry
Initial "One of my cafe's most popular records has been shattered. If possible, I'd like to get another record of the same song, but I need help. Visit me at the Concert Cafe - Etoile on Alto Street for further information." --Heming
1 After speaking with Heming:
  • The smashed record was a thirty-year-old song named 'Amber Amour.'
  • We though that Fiona might know something, so we went over to Elliot's house.
2 After speaking with Fiona:
  • Fiona suggested that we ask at the reception desk in Plaza Bifrost. That's on Vainqueur Street.
3 After searching at Plaza Bifrost:
  • The receptionist at Plaza Bifrost told us the record was sold out everywhere and that the only way to secure a copy would be to order it directly from the manufacturer. Yikes.
  • But the did tell us to check out Emmrod's, a secondhand store in the Ost District. We might luck out and find it there.
4 After searching at Emmrod's:
  • We finally managed to get out hands on a used copy of 'Amber Amour.' Let's get it back to Heming as soon as we can.
5 After returning to Heming:
  • We gave Heming his record, and Etolie finally has its signature song back!