Turning over a New Leaf is a required quest that occurs during the Field Study (Day 2) in Chapter 3: Beyond the Railways of Trails of Cold Steel.


The quest is given to you automatically by the Lacan Worzel via the Field Study envelope. The player can start the quest by speaking with Amr at his residence in the Nomadic Settlement.

This quest has no expiration as it is marked as required.


  1. Speak with Amr in the Doctor's Home.
  2. Proceed to Nord Highlands South.
  3. Collect 5x Epona Grass.
    • Note: Locations are marked on the map.
  4. Return to Amr.


Stage Entry
Initial "I need ingredients for a very important medicine, and I would like to request that you obtain them for me. I will tell you more in person, so please come and speak to me at my home." --Amr
1 After speaking with Amr:
  • Amr's medicine wards off an [sic] disease endemic to horses in the region, but he can't make it without epona grass.
  • Epona grass is recognizable by its yellow flowers and is regularly found in the southern part of the highlands.
  • He needs five of them to make the medicine we better get started!
2 After obtaining all 5x Epona Grass:
  • Gathered all five epona grasses! Let's get these back to Amr.
3 After returning to Amr:
  • We delivered the epona grasses to Amr, fulfilling the request, and hopefully helping some horses.