The Secret Admirer is an optional quest that occurs during the free day in Chapter 3: Beyond the Railways of Trails of Cold Steel.


The quest is given to you automatically by the Student Council via your mailbox. The player can start the quest by speaking with Vincent at the Academy Field Storehouse at Thors Military Academy.

This quest must be completed prior to starting Old Schoolhouse Mystery III.


  1. Speak with Vincent near the Academy Field Storehouse.
  2. Speak with Jane at the Gardening Shop in Trista.
  3. Speak with the following (can be done in any order):
    • Rosine in front of the Trista Chapel.
    • Beryl in the Occult Research Club Room on the 2nd floor of the Student Union Building.
    • Vivi at the Gardening Club Garden (near the Gymnasium)
  4. Return to Vincent.
    • Character Note: Vincent received.


Stage Entry
Initial "I am in need of aid! Some fair maiden has sent me several messages proclaiming her love for me. And who could blame her? I simply must know who she is, so would some kind soul hel find her and bring her to me? More details behind the storage building!" --Vincent Florad, Year 2, Class I
1 After speaking with Vincent:
  • I agreed to try to figure out who sent Vincent the love letter.
  • The letter came with a pressed grand rose, so we decided it would be best to ask the florist who had purchased them.
2 After speaking with Jane:
  • I asked the florist and learned that three girls have purchased grand roses from her recently: Beryl from Class III, Vivi from Class IV, and Rosine from Class V.
3 After speaking with Rosine:
  • I asked Rosine, but she doesn't seem to have sent the letter.
4 After speaking with Beryl:
  • I asked Beryl, but she doesn't seem to have sent the letter.
5 After speaking with Vivi:
  • I asked Vivi, but she claims that she bought the rose to harass her sister.
6 After speaking with all three leads:
  • It seems as though none of the first years that bought grand roses are Vincent's mystery girl after all. I should go break the bad news to him.
7 After returning to Vincent:
  • ...As it turns out, our mystery woman was an upper class student named Margarita.