Delivery to the Watchtower is an optional quest that occurs during the Field Study (Day 2) in Chapter 3: Beyond the Railways of Trails of Cold Steel.


The quest is given to you automatically by the Lacan Worzel via the Field Study envelope. The player can start the quest by speaking with Kilte at the Nomadic Settlement Trading Post.

This quest must be completed before finishing the required quests for the first half of Field Study Day 2, Return to Zender and Turning over a New Leaf.


  1. Speak with Kilte at the Trading Post.
  2. Proceed to the Imperial Army Watchtower in Nord Highlands South.
  3. Deliver the parcel to Zats.
  4. Take the tour of the Imperial Army Watchtower.
  5. Return to Kilte.


Stage Entry
Initial "Could someone deliver something to the soldiers in the Imperial Army's watchtower for me. If so, I'll be at the trading post." --Kilte
1 After speaking with Kilte:
  • Kilte entrusted us with a parcel of food that we need to deliver to a soldier named Zats at the watchtower.
2 After delivering the parcel:
  • When we gave Zats the parcel, he gave us some Erebonian wine in exchange. We should head back and give it to Kilte.
3 After returning to Kilte:
  • We gave Kilte our report and the wine, completing her request.