Born to be Orbal is a required quest that occurs during the free day in Chapter 3: Beyond the Railways of Trails of Cold Steel.


The quest is given to you automatically by the Student Council via your mailbox. The player can start the quest by speaking with Angelica Rogner at the Engineering Building at Thors Military Academy.

This quest has no expiration as it is marked as required.


  1. Speak with Angelica at the Engineering Buillding.
  2. Agree to test the Orbal Bike.
  3. Choose the following options for + 2 AP:
    • (Choice 2) Release the clutch slowly/steadily.
    • (Choice 2) Pull in quickly, release slowly.
    • (Choice 2) Strongly at front, lightly at back.
  4. Return to Angelica.


Stage Entry
Initial "We're testing the orbal bike's capabilities on a highway near Trista. If you're curious, come talk to us in the engineering building." --George & Angelica
1 After speaking with Angelica and testing the bike perfectly:
  • I agreed to ride the orbal bike and report on my experience. Although the orbal bike was tuned for Angelica, I rode it perfectly. It was awesome.