Aurochs Canyon Monster is a required quest that occurs during the Field Study (Day 2) in Chapter 2: The Verdant City of Trails of Cold Steel.


The quest is given to you automatically by the Rufus Albarea via the Field Study envelope. The player can start the quest by locating the monster in the North Kreuzen Highway.

This quest has no expiration as it is marked as required.


  1. Proceed to North Kreuzen Highway.
  2. Locate the Venus Mantrap in front of the bridge.
  3. Defeat Venus Mantrap.
    • Note: the story will advance once the monster is defeated. It is recommended to finish all other quests before proceeding.
  4. Return to Bareahard.




Initial We have received word that a dangerous monster roams the North Kreuzen Highway. This is bad news for our hotel, so may I ask someone to please take care of it?

Monster: Venus Mantrap

Location: The stone bridge leading towards Celdic on the North Kreuzen Highway"

--Richelieu, G.M. of Hotel Esmeralda

1 After defeating the Venus Mantrap:
  • We took care of the Venus Mantrap! I'm sure Richelieu will be thrilled.
2 After returning to Bareahard:
  • We assured Richelieu that the highway is safe for travel once again.