This is a list of the Master Quartz found in Akatsuki no Kiseki's files, but are not obtainable or have an associated name. It is probable that some of them will be implemented in the future, and that some are from Ao no Kiseki or Trails of Cold Steel. The provided names are based on the observation that many are the same as those in Trails of Cold Steel, and that many others are signs of the zodiac that have not been used as Master Quartz yet.

Element Possible Name Name Reasoning
Capricorn (Akatsuki MQ) Earth (Akatsuki Element) Earth Capricorn unused astrological symbol
Iron (Akatsuki MQ) Earth (Akatsuki Element) Earth Iron returning from Cold Steel
Megalith (Akatsuki MQ) Earth (Akatsuki Element) Earth Megalith returning from Cold Steel
Tauros (Akatsuki MQ) Earth (Akatsuki Element) Earth Tauros returning from Cold Steel
Orochi (Akatsuki MQ) Water (Akatsuki Element) Water Orochi returning from Cold Steel
Pisces (Akatsuki MQ) Water (Akatsuki Element) Water Pisces unused astrological symbol
Scorpio (Akatsuki MQ) Water (Akatsuki Element) Water Scorpio unused astrological symbol
Unknown Water 1 (Akatsuki MQ) Water (Akatsuki Element) Water ?
Brave (Akatsuki MQ) Fire (Akatsuki Element) Fire Brave returning from Cold Steel
Criminal Fire (Akatsuki MQ) Fire (Akatsuki Element) Fire Criminal (fire) version found in Cold Steel
Leo (Akatsuki MQ) Fire (Akatsuki Element) Fire Leo unused astrological symbol
Vermillion (Akatsuki MQ) Fire (Akatsuki Element) Fire Vermillion version found in Cold Steel
Unknown Fire 1 (Akatsuki MQ) Fire (Akatsuki Element) Fire ?
Aquarius (Akatsuki MQ) Wind (Akatsuki Element) Wind Aquarius unused astrological symbol
Falco (Akatsuki MQ) Wind (Akatsuki Element) Wind Falco returning from Cold Steel
Mistral (Akatsuki MQ) Wind (Akatsuki Element) Wind Mistral returning from Cold Steel
Thor (Akatsuki MQ) Wind (Akatsuki Element) Wind Thor returning from Cold Steel
Cypher (Akatsuki MQ) Time (Akatsuki Element) Time Cypher returning from Cold Steel
Katze Time (Akatsuki MQ) Time (Akatsuki Element) Time Katze (time) version found in Cold Steel
Murakumo (Akatsuki MQ) Time (Akatsuki Element) Time Murakumo returning from Cold Steel
Raven (Akatsuki MQ) Time (Akatsuki Element) Time Raven returning from Cold Steel
Angel (Akatsuki MQ) Space (Akatsuki Element) Space Angel returning from Cold Steel
Cancer (Akatsuki MQ) Space (Akatsuki Element) Space Cancer unused astrological symbol
Gemini (Akatsuki MQ) Space (Akatsuki Element) Space Gemini unused astrological symbol
Libra (Akatsuki MQ) Space (Akatsuki Element) Space Libra unused astrological symbol
Pandora (Akatsuki MQ) Mirage (Akatsuki Element) Mirage Pandora returning from Cold Steel
Sagittarius (Akatsuki MQ) Mirage (Akatsuki Element) Mirage Sagittarius unused astrological symbol
Virgo (Akatsuki MQ) Mirage (Akatsuki Element) Mirage Virgo unused astrological symbol

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