Liberl News (リベール通信, ribeeru tsuushin) is a newspaper series featured in Trails in the Sky SC.

Issue 1 - [Special] Rebuilding the Army

Two Months Since The Coup D'etat

It's been two months since the stunning fall of the Royal Army's once promising Intelligence Division and their failed coup d'etat. Currently, in response to their failure to prevent the rebellion by one of their own divisions, the army is undergoing a major reconstruction of their internal organization. To find how they intend to regain the trust of the public, we got a behind the scenes look at their reconstruction efforts.

Reconstruction Challenges

Under the command of General Morgan the reformation of all Royal Army units has been proceeding swiftly. However, even our decorated general acknowledges that rebuilding the chain of command will take some time.     The cause, we're told from an Army source, is that the I.D. unit's reach had permeated all levels of command, and removing that influence has proved to be quite the task.

The Road to Rebuilding the Royal Army

The Royal Army is determined to continue reforming whatever difficulties may arise. One such issue they face is lack of transparency. For national defense reasons, the organization of the military has been heavily guarded, but it was this very policy that allowed the I.D. unit to get as far as they did. One effort to blow fresh air into the rigid Army structure is the recent cooperation with the Bracer Guild. How much further the Royal Army can open up and still maintain the secrecy needed for security, though, is probably the biggest hurdle facing the rebuilding of the army.

[Foreign Affairs] The Queen's Peace Proposal!

According to reports from the Foreign Affairs section, the Erebonian Empire, Calvard Republic, and Liberl Kingdom have all agreed to enter into a treaty of non- aggression. Preparations are already underway to host the signing of the pact following the Royal Parliament's approval of the terms proposed by Queen Alicia. Will this pact be the guiding light to peace between nations?

General Morgan to Resign?

A change at the top of the army ranks seems in the air as Chief of Staff General Morgan indicated in a recent meeting that he would yield the reconstruction of the army to someone else. Signs also suggested that he will resign from the top post entirely once the army reorganization is complete. Eyes are on Cassius Bright, the general's right hand man, to take up the reins. We will be keeping close tabs on any further developments.

Issue 2 - [Special] Ruan Mayoral Election Special

Two Candidates - Two Platforms

With the arrest of former mayor Dalmore, a new mayoral election has come to Ruan. Initially delayed due to the coup d'etat, it has now been officially announced. The two nominees are: the industrialist Norman and harbor master Portos. Both candidates have solid support bases and distinct platforms. Which will Ruan's citizens entrust with their future? Stay tuned!

[Promoting Tourism - Candidate Norman]

Owner of the Hotel Blanche and staunch proponent of the tourism industry. The core of his campaign is to 'invigorate tourism.' He believes that tertiary businesses are the future of Ruan, and he has many supporters who agree.

[Promoting the Harbor - Candidate Portos]

Caretaker of the harbor block and passionate campaigner for the maintenance of the port facilities. His platform centers around the reinvigoration of the harbor industry. Has the support of the harbor laborers and sailors.

Voter Opinion and Election Direction

Currently, public opinion is split. The north city blocks that run on tourism favor candidate Norman, and the harbor block supports Portos. With such clearly-defined positions, this election is shaping up to be very divisive.     As both camps possess solid blocks of support, it will be a battle of who can cut the deepest into their opponent's voter base. This scenario seems to favor Candidate Norman, but there's plenty of time for a turnabout, and it's sure to be a fierce battle to the end.

[Society] The Increasing Threat of Monsters

According to reports from the Royal Army, monsters across Liberl have been increasingly ferocious, and previously unseen species are roaming the kingdom. The cause of these changes is currently unknown, but theories range from septium vein fluctuations to planetary alignment and even solar abnormalities. The Royal Army is investigating, but caution is advised when traveling between regions.

[Society] New Chief of Staff Selected

The new commander of the Royal Army has been announced as Cassius Bright. Promoted to general, Cassius Bright (formerly Colonel Bright) will be replacing General Morgan as chief of staff. Hopes are high for the reconstruction and future of the military under the guidance of this new leader.

[Foreign Affairs] Pact to be Signed in Liberl

The signing ceremony of the non-aggression pact will take place in the Liberl Kingdom. A central location was considered initially, but declined for safety reasons.

[Technology] New Model Tactical Orbments

The wave of change has not only come to the Royal Army but to orbments as well. The new model tactical orbments (as shown) were developed by the Epstein Foundation and are spreading quickly.     Improvements include the addition of a new slot, and while incompatible with standard quartz, it has been receiving praise from bracers and others for the new, powerful arts it enables. Factories across the nation are already geared up and eager to support the new model

Issue 3 - [Special] Ruan Election - Clash of Candidates

Conflict Between Camps Boils Over

With election day drawing closer, the race in Ruan is only getting hotter, and tensions finally boiled over into a near-brawl between supporters. Thankfully, the conflict, rumored to stem from an argument between camps, didn't come to physical blows. Debates are one thing, but we urge the candidates and their supporters to respect one another and reflect on this.

Candidates Need to Compromise

Behind the incident lies a deepening opposition between supporters. Some level of antagonism is, unfortunately, to be expected given the passionate platforms, but brawling is unworthy of any future leader. Reflection and compromise is the mature answer.

Saved by the Lute?

A mob of angry supporters on the edge of violence...calmed by the sound of a lute? It seems a certain musician was playing nearby. Perhaps music does soothe the savage beast.

[Society] Ghosts in Ruan?

'I saw a white shadow that danced in the night sky.' Amidst the furor of the election, ghost sightings like this became quite common in the region for a time according to reports. The Bracer Guild was sent in to investigate and determined the sightings to be a pointless prank. The culprit is still at large, but the equipment used has been confiscated, so citizens can rest easy now without fear of the 'ghost' reappearing.

[Foreign Affairs] Royal Villa to Host Signing

According to an announcement from the Foreign Affairs division, the signing ceremony is to be held at the royal villa. The ceremony is slated for the end of the month, and the army appears to be ramping up its security operations in preparation for the event.

[Breaking News] Earthquakes in Zeiss

Early yesterday there was an earthquake reported in the vicinity of the Wolf Fort. The quake was of short duration. No damage was reported.

Issue 4 - Earthquakes Over

Zeiss Stops Shaking

The earthquakes plaguing Zeiss have finally ended, it seems. The Wolf Fort incident mentioned in our previous edition was only the beginning. The City of Zeiss, Sanktheim Gate, and Leiston Fortress were all hit by quakes as well, causing distress in the region.

However, not long after the earthquake at Leiston Fortress, a declaration of safety was issued by the Central Factory's Chief Murdock. Some concern was expressed at the statement, but as a practical matter there have been no earthquakes since. How such a declaration of safety is possible was explained by Chief Murdock. 'We determined that the earthquakes were being caused by special circumstances,' he clarified. These earthquakes, it seems, were being caused by underground septium veins, and that after analysis it was possible to state accurately when they had ended. The declaration also emphasized disaster preparedness for future incidents, however.

[Technology] New Model Engine- Finally Complete!

The new model orbal engine from the Central Factory is at last completed and has been revealed to the press. This engine was specifically designed for the cruiser 'Arseille,' and has higher output, as well as streamlined maintenance for field repairs. The new engine will increase the Arseille's cruising speed to 3200 selge/hr, over 4x the speed of an airliner, making it the fastest ship in the world.

[Foreign Affairs] New Engines Drive Peace

Samples of the new model engines referred to in our previous article are to be presented to both the Empire and Republic as tokens of the peace represented by this pact.     These engines are said to be the key to next-generation flight and such technological exchange is the promise made to those who promise to uphold the harmony between nations. Much is expected from Liberl's ace in negotiations.

[Society] Elmo Hot Springs Get Hot Hot Hot!

In the earthquake-struck Zeiss region, even Elmo Village felt the wrath of nature. Following a quake, their hot springs began boiling. The phenomenon ceased after a few hours, but it's thought to be related to some form of underground abnormality. After investigating, the Bracer Guild issued a statement that it was temporary with 'no likelihood of reoccurrence.' A possible connection to the quakes will be investigated by the Central Factory at a later date.

Issue 5 - [Special] Ruan's New Mayor Decided!

New Mayor, Norman

The Ruan Mayoral Election is finally over. In both Ruan and Manoria, voters were out bright and early to cast their votes. The voting went smoothly and without a repeat of the earlier incident. Early voting was also in place for reserve Army forces. After polls closed and votes were tallied, the victor was declared as Norman, who secured roughly 60% of the vote.

Harbor Industry Also Critical

New Mayor Norman was elected on promises to promote the tourism industry, and after his victory he reaffirmed those intentions in an interview but also acknowledged the important role of harbor. For the new mayor, exactly how he responds to the harbor industry may be the touchstone for his ability to run the city. Portos was defeated by a relatively small margin but has indicated he intends to cooperate with the new mayor. His consideration appears to be repairing the earlier division that arose during the campaigning. His experience with the harbor will be invaluable to the new mayor.

[Society] Singing Ceremony - An Event to Remember

The signing ceremony for the non-aggression pact is almost upon us. All eyes are on the capital as representatives from every country will be present. Thanks to public interest in the event, the city is experiencing an unseasonable level of tourism. Local businesses are screaming for joy at the uptick in traffic.

[Society] Royal Villa Gets a Security Boost

Yesterday afternoon, Security HQ was established at the royal villa, site of the signing ceremony, under the command of Lt. Colonel Cid of the Royal Army. There they will screen and monitor affiliated personnel and eliminate any monsters to ensure safety.

[International] The Crossbell Problem

Positioned between the Erebonian Empire and the Calvard Republic is the Crossbell Independent State, a buffer nation that has seen countless conflicts in the past between the two larger nations as they've fought over critical septium production sites. Since the last conflict, Crossbell has been recognized as an independent state, but recent expansions in orbal technology and the ensuing demand for septium might yet reignite tensions. Liberl is in a similar position, but while some may doubt the effectiveness of the pact, just having the Empire and Republic onboard is no small feat. The pact, therefore, is not so much a promise of peace but a basis for conversation; a conversation that can lead to lasting peace.

[Society] Threat Letter to our Magazine

A threatening letter was delivered to our editorial branch in the West Block of the capital. The letter demanded that we cease reporting on the non-aggression pact. The Liberl News Service immediately reported it to the Royal Army and the Bracer Guild. Currently, there has been no clear progress on the case, but an investigation is underway. 

Issue 6 - [Special] The Intelligence Division Resurfaces!

Former Captain Amalthea Captured

Remnants of the former I.D. unit once again shook the capital. Rising up in the harbor block, they took Duke Dunan captive and began an assault on the castle. However, after a tense battle involving bracers and the Royal Guard, their rampage was halted, the duke rescued, and all involved were arrested. Following Amalthea's capture, all central coup d'etat members have now been secured. 

Biding Their Time

According to the Bracer Guild's investigation, after the coup d'etat former captain Amalthea's group had been in hiding in the abandoned Ravennue Mine. Seeing the duke's release from house arrest as an opportunity, they rose up again and returned to the capital.

Fox Falls to the Falcon

The former captain's force set off and  set their plan in motion by activating a tank they had developed in secret before the coup d'etat. In order to use the tank in their plans, the former I.D. unit needed a high-output orbal engine, such as a new model developed for the Arseille. Amalthea, a.k.a. 'The Fox,' executed a successful plan to steal one of the new models from the harbor, and their uprising was well underway before a joint force of bracers and Royal Guard managed to avert disaster.

Giant Shadow Sighted - Related to the Case?

On the night of the I.D. incident, several persons reported seeing a giant shadow fly off from the harbor. As it's currently under investigation, the Liberl News was unable to obtain any meaningful info regarding it.

[Foreign Affairs] Pact Signing Ceremony Nears

A historic day approaches tomorrow. Guests from all over the continent have been arriving, and security preparations at the royal villa are complete. The weather for the day of the signing is forecast to be beautiful. The stage for peace is set. May the Goddess bless this event.

[Society] Threat Letter - Crime of Pleasure?

Threat letters were delivered to a number of organizations related to the pact, including the Liberl News. While a connection to the Intelligence Division was suspected for a time, as there were no specific damages, it is being viewed as nothing but a crime of pleasure.

Capua Sky Bandits Steal Own Airship!

The Sky Bandits, the gang which rocked the world with the Linde case, have reappeared after their escape during the coup d'etat. In a daring move the bandits infiltrated their old base in the Nebel Valley (currently used by the Royal Army), and stole back their airship, the Bobcat. The Royal Army is once again in pursuit of these slippery criminals.  

Issue 7 - [Special] Non-Aggression Pact Signed

The Pledge of Three Nations

It was a signing ceremony to remember. Under the watch of neutral party Archbishop Currant, Queen Alicia opened the proceedings with an oath of non-aggression. The representatives from the Empire and Republic affirmed their participation and became signatories. The pact now complete, the three nations have been brought to a new beginning thanks to the efforts of the queen.

International Interest High

While the Imperial emperor and President Rocksmith of the Republic were unable to attend, VIPs from each nation assembled in the hall, showing again how much attention this pact has drawn. Foreign news agencies also gathered, and this most international of affairs was christened with a storm of camera flashes.

New Engine Samples Provided

As a crucial component of the pact, samples of the new model engine were also provided to the representatives of the Empire and Republic. The queen extended her wishes for cooperation and again reaffirmed her stance that technology was something to share, not monopolize.

Future of the Three Nations

Voices of doubt remain that question the practical effectiveness of the non-aggression pact, but as our column has pointed out before, the value of the pact lies in the chance for meaningful conversation that it creates. Skeptics would point out that there are many valid excuses for breaking the pact. But, while this is certainly a possibility, what should be focused on is the path to peace that lies before us now thanks to the opportunity created today.

[Society] Rolent Region Covered in Fog

Starting yesterday morning and continuing throughout the evening, the Rolent region has been shrouded in a deep fog never before experienced in the area. The unusual weather has grounded flights and made travel within the region nearly impossible. Residents and experts alike are scratching their heads at the severity of the mist.

Special Issue - [Breaking News] Ancient Dragon Appears!!

Bose Market Flattened by Legend!

I doubt any words are needed for this edition. The photograph says it all. This is the dragon that appeared yesterday at noon in the City of Bose. The dragon flew in from the east then proceeded to 'land' on top of the Bose Market. At a length of around 40 arge, its enormous size crushed the roof of the market, causing it to collapse, resulting in injuries. Afterwards, it flew west to Ravennue Village and razed the village orchards. Following its trail of destruction, it took to the clouds and vanished. The Royal Army immediately restricted airspace.

Citizens Flee Damaged Market

Crushed by the dragon, the domed ceiling of the Bose Market collapsed and injured several persons despite the rapid response from nearby bracers. Some of the injured remain unconscious. The Market is currently cordoned off, and it is unclear on when, or if, it will reopen. For the emblem of the city to be so damaged has been quite the shock to every citizen.

Ravennue Village Grieves Over Orchards

The dragon's attack on Ravennue Village reduced the orchards to ash. As Ravennue's main industry, their loss is a terrible blow.

Queen Makes Emergency Announcement

After receiving reports of damage from across the region, Queen Alicia announced emergency support for the afflicted areas. The Queen also stated that in order to prevent further damages she would appeal to the Royal Army to respond to the threat immediately. According to persons within the army, a plan is already in the works. Currently, the dragon remains at large, and citizens will remain anxious until that plan is enacted.

Legend Vs. Reality

Dragons have always been described as moderate and intelligent in lore, but the destructive creature witnessed here seems a far cry from that idealized image. Specialists in ancient life confirm that the anatomy is the same, so what does this behavioral difference mean? As a being from before the Great Collapse, it's theorized that perhaps it may be confused by the change in environment. Regardless, the Army has been forced to categorize it as a threat despite the concern expressed by specialists.  

Issue 8 - [Special] Operation: Dragon Capture

Dragon Leaves Liberl's Borders

The dragon that appeared suddenly in Bose and caused damage to the region has been confirmed by the Royal Army as having left the borders following a failed plan to capture the creature. The border garrison is continuing patrols, but no further sightings have been reported since then.     The Liberl News is following developments closely as we report from the front line.

Full Details of the Capture Operation

The day after the dragon appeared, the Royal Army immediately enacted a plan to capture the dragon. Enforcing the 'capture' portion of the plan was Queen Alicia, whose respect for the holy creature shaped an operation using airships and tranquilizers to neutralize the threat by driving it to Valleria Lake and subduing it. Included in the operation was the Arseille, loaded with its new engine, plus bracer observers and your trusty Liberl News reporters.

The Failed First Capture Operation

After some time on standby, information came in that the dragon had been sighted above the Malga Mine. General Morgan ordered the operation to begin immediately. Employing skillful aerial maneuvers, the signature of the Royal Army, the airships chased the dragon to above Valleria Lake and shot it with tranquilizers. Unconscious, it fell into the lake. The plan initially seemed a success, but the legendary creature wasn't under for long and soon woke up, leaving behind the army airships meant to tow it to shore. The Army gave chase once again, but it was eventually lost on radar somewhere over the Nebel Valley.

The deep silence aboard the ship was only penetrated by the roar of the new engine echoing hollowly through it. The first operation with the full might of the air forces had failed.

Substitute Operation: Pursuit from the Ground

The operation believed to be perfect had ended in failure. However, the Royal Army immediately took to a new plan. The bracers who had been aboard as observers would pursue the dragon into the Nebel Valley. It was a decision that would immediately bear fruit, for, perhaps startled by the bracers' actions, the dragon once again took to the skies.

Dragon's Departure Confirmed

The dragon's reappearance was immediately noted by the royal forces, but the dragon only calmly flew out of Liberl airspace. In such a fashion, the case that had rocked the entire kingdom came to more or less an end.

Ancient Dragon - Possibility of Return?

Has the dragon truly departed? When asked about the possibility of a return, the Royal Army was unable to comment with any certainty. For the moment, they intend to enhance national air patrols and prepare for the unexpected.

[Society] Donations Pour In - 10,000,000 Mira!

Donations have been flooding in for the affected areas in the Bose region. Amongst them was an anonymous donation of a gold septium crystal (valued at 10,000,000 mira). Needless to say, those handling the rebuilding efforts were quite shocked.

[Society] Bose Market Reopens

One week after the dragon attack, the Bose Market is back in business following a frantic reconstruction effort. Under the guidance of Bose's Mayor Maybelle, local merchants came together to make this speedy recovery possible.

'It reminds me of how we came together after the Hundred Days War,' said one local man. It seems the spirit of Bose is alive and well.

Issue 9 - [Special] The Royal Army Reborn

Reformation and Change

The Royal Army, the same organization that in the past refused any cooperation with the Bracer Guild, is now engaging in joint tasks such as the recent dragon operation. It's clear from these recent efforts that fundamental change is happening, and Cassius Bright is serving as the central role and driving force behind this change.

Starting Point for Organizational Reform

In reforming the army, it's said that General Cassius has had one ideal in mind from the start. That ideal is the independent mobile force he commanded during the Hundred Days War. As indicated by the emphasis on independent, this unit was small in scale yet organized in a way that it could execute operations entirely on its own. Using the newly developed airships, these kinds of units were able to drive chaos into the Imperial lines by swinging behind them and dividing their troops. This maneuver is credited with turning around the war, and it was made possible by the small scale units and rigid cooperation between all branches of Liberl's forces. It's not hard to imagine that in General Cassius' thoughts these lessons weigh heavily.

Permeating Doctrine

The general's ideals are permeating through all branches of the Royal Army. The dragon operation serves as a good example. The Border Patrol, the Air Force... Regardless of each unit having their own chains of command, they were able to adapt to changes in the situation. On top of that, even after the operation failed, it's important to note that the commander present was able to request cooperation from the bracers, a move previously unheard of.

[Breaking News] 'Crimson Soldiers' Reported

From all across Liberl, eyewitness reports of 'unknown soldiers' wearing bright red armor are pouring in. Witnesses have taken to calling them 'crimson soldiers.' Some unconfirmed reports suggest they are using airships as well. The Royal Army is upping security, but recommends not being distracted by rumors.

[Breaking News] Royal Army Raises Alert Status

In response to reports of unidentified armed groups, Army headquarters has decided to raise the alert status. Distant military posts are reported to be shutting down passage on the roads in preparation for combat. Army HQ is observing the situation carefully, but also deploying troops from Leiston Fortress to all major cities. Information is difficult to confirm at this stage, but we urge our readers to remain calm and act responsibly. 

Issue 10 - A Message From the Editor-in-Chief

As you are no doubt aware, all orbments are experiencing an abnormal loss of power. This phenomenon appears to be nation-wide and is having a severe effect on both manufacturing and transport. Even our magazine has had significant difficulty reaching print. While this phenomenon is hindering our ability to distribute nationally, we will try to release in the capital at least. Additionally, information is difficult to confirm in these circumstances. We apologize for any inaccuracies. 

The Kingdom Under Fire!

Monsters Swarm Urban Centers

According to the Royal Army, yesterday morning unknown monsters began swarming around all major cities, save the capital. Army units engaged the fierce beasts, but thankfully things quieted by evening and no major damage was reported.  

Crimson Soldiers Attack Guard Posts

At roughly the same time as the monsters appeared, reports came in of crimson soldiers attacking guard posts across the nation. Defense forces, prepared and alert for combat, engaged the invaders. As far as we have been able to confirm, no guard posts have fallen. We also have unconfirmed reports of the crimson soldiers departing via airship. 

Just Who Are These Red Invaders?

From their equipment to their armor and abilities, it is clear that the crimson soldiers are a highly organized and well-funded force. Their allegiance is a mystery, but the most viable theory suggests they are jaegers, a foreign mercenary group. The reports of airships at their disposal, however, raise questions of more powerful backers given the limited production of such vessels. The Bracer Guild is currently investigating.  

[Breaking News] Mysterious Object Appears In Sky

Early dawn yesterday, an enormous flying object appeared over Valleria Lake in a flash of gold. The moment it appeared, across the nation orbal power seemed to cease immediately. While the two incidents are believed to be connected, at the moment that link remains pure conjecture. 

[Breaking News] Orbments Remain Inoperative

With this Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon continuing, the government has called for citizens to prepare replacements. Lamps and candles are recommended for light while wood stoves and solid fuel for heat can work as well.  The abnormality is not mechanical in nature, so repair is not possible. The situation may drag on, so citizens should prepare accordingly. 

[Breaking News] Activity at the Ancient Ruins?!

While defense forces were engaged in skirmishes all across the country, the ancient ruins known as the Tetracyclic Towers were witnessed as having their roofs engulfed in what was described as a 'black sphere.' The towers had previously shown signs of activity following the Birthday Celebration when they emitted a mysterious light. Researchers are taking notice, and the towers are under observation.  

Issue 11 - City Under Siege - Crimson Soldiers Invade

Fighting in the Capital!

Yesterday at noon, in a capital already crippled by an orbal blackout, fighting broke out as crimson soldiers plowed through Army lines and began pouring into Grancel via airships. Mysteriously able to use their own orbments despite all others remaining inoperative, the invaders easily pushed on towards the castle. It seemed almost certain the royal keep would fall.  

Unexpected Reinforcements Appear

Just as things seemed hopeless an unexpected ally took to the field of battle in the shape of the former Intelligence Division's Special Ops. The same unit that had been dismantled for their treasonous action used the chaos of the attack on the capital not to escape, but to defend their homeland against the crimson invaders. With the arrival of these new players, the tide turned and the Royal Army was able to counterattack. Between the combined might of the Royal Army, the Intelligence Division's combat specialist unit, and bracers who joined the fray, the enemy was forced into retreat and the threat averted.

Intl. Criminal Organization Behind Attacks

The true nature of these crimson soldiers has been wrapped in mystery until an investigation from the Royal Army and Bracer Guild revealed the armed unit to be under the command of a mysterious organization, a 'society.' Given the sophisticated equipment of this group, it is believed that the society possesses significant technical leverage and funding, but their goal remains unclear.

[Breaking News] Heir to Throne Named!

In the first bit of bright news in a while, Queen Alicia held a press conference where she named her granddaughter, Princess Klaudia, the crown princess and official heir to the throne. Abbreviated ceremonies formally installing the sixteen year old princess as heir have taken place. We hope to overcome our current national troubles and make her future reign a bright one.

[Breaking News] Shutdown Phenomenon Solved?

It has become clear that the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon is occurring not just in the capital but across the nation. However, Professor Russell, with the aid of the Central Factory, has developed a new invention called the Zero Field Generator that may open a path to a resolution. This device produces an orbal energy field that neutralizes the shutdown phenomenon and restores orbments within a few rege to normal operation. Production of these devices requires high level machinery, however, and mass production is difficult. The Royal Army and Bracer Guild have managed to restore communications at their bases using the available units, and we hope that this revolutionary invention will eventually alleviate more of the troubles caused by this phenomenon.

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