Liberl News (リベール通信, ribeeru tsuushin) is a newspaper series featured in Trails in the Sky FC.

Liberl News - Issue 1

[Featured Story] The Queen's 60th Is Nigh

A Milestone Anniversary

The half-year countdown to Her Majesty Queen Alicia's 60th birthday celebration has begun! This has been a banner year for Her Royal Highness, sparking more anticipation than this event has ever seen before. But we must not forget, too, that this year is the 10th since the Hundred Days War, a period of intense turmoil for all of Liberl. As we celebrate, let us also reflect on the tragedies of the past, so that we may refrain from ever reliving them in the future. We have been afforded this luxury of hindsight, and we must use it to its fullest!

Preparations Underway in the Royal City

Main Street is filled with the bustle of men and women furiously preparing decor and merchandise for the upcoming festivities, and developing new products specifically for sale during the celebration. The competition is truly cutthroat!

'I yearn for my customers' taste buds to sing with delight!' says Ms. Sorbet, local ice-cream purveyor who deals her wares in the city's east block. Sadly, her new menu will remain a mystery to us until the day of the festival.

'As the population grows, more and more businesses pop up all around me. But all that means is more customers, especially at festival time, so I'm certainly not complaining!' she exclaims with a sly smile. Ms. Sorbet seems to have a few tricks up her sleeve, so to all her competitors, we say: watch out!

Who Shall Stand, and Who Shall Fall?

Prior to the festival, Her Majesty will be hosting our annual Martial Arts Competition in the royal arena. This fiercely competitive tournament is always a big hit, with some avid spectators even regarding it as the day's main event. Which team will come out on top?

[Society] Burglaries Across the Bose Region

According to our sources, the Bose Region has seen a string of burglaries over the last several days, and the people have had enough! The Royal Army Border Patrol stationed at the Haken Gate has been stepping up efforts to apprehend the group of criminals responsible for these acts, and anyone with information on their identities is urged to contact the Border Patrol immediately.

[Travel] Finding the Perfect Getaway

The Kingfisher Inn, along the beautiful Valleria Lakeshore, is more popular than ever following a visit from the women of the Royal City. Won't you come and fish with us, too?

Liberl News - Issue 2

[Breaking Story] Disappearance of the Linde!

Gone Without a Trace! Where Could It Be?

Yesterday afternoon, the airliner 'Linde' vanished over east Bose airspace while en route to Rolent. An exhaustive overnight search conducted by the Royal Army yielded no clues to its whereabouts, leaving all parties baffled. In response to this incident, the army has declared all airliner flights canceled until further notice.

Fate of Linde Passengers Unknown

The Liberl Orbalship Corporation reports that 17 were aboard the Linde at the time of its departure, including both passengers and crew. Family members of these missing persons are understandably concerned, but remain hopeful.

Probability of Accident Is Low, Says Expert

Central Factory Chief Murdock proclaims, 'Our orbal engines are sturdy and reliable. The chance of an engine failure is virtually nil. I do not believe an accident to have occurred.'

Rumors and Theories Abound

Was it a conspiracy perpetrated by the Royal Army and the covert mercenary force known as the Jaeger Corps? Perhaps it was a plot to kidnap the passengers, and hold them for ransom? Some have even suggested the Linde came under attack by the last living ancient dragon! No matter what anyone may have heard, it's all just speculation at this point, as no real evidence has yet been found. The Royal Army is investigating a possible connection between this incident and the recent burglaries in Bose, but thus far, no information on any such connection has been released.     In fact, no information has been released at all, due to army regulations prohibiting the dissemination of intelligence to the general public -- a policy that I'm sure we'd all like to see repealed!

[Society] Crystal Stolen in Daring Robbery!

A group of unknown individuals recently broke into the Rolent mayor's house to steal a Septium Crystal that was left in his possession. Local bracers came to the rescue and managed to recover the stolen item, but the culprits are still at large. Thankfully, no harm came to the mayor or his family during this incident. 'We deeply regret that the criminals escaped,' says a Rolent Bracer representative, 'but please know that we of the Bracer Guild did everything in our power to apprehend them and will continue the pursuit for however long it may take.'

[Culture] Touring Ancient Sites ~The Rolent Region and the Esmelas Tower~

The Esmelas Tower lies a few hundred selge to the north of Rolent City, along the Malga Trail. Its turquoise-green visage is the only real landmark for as far as the eye can see. Counting as one of the four tetracyclic towers, its purpose is still shrouded in mystery to this day. This exciting location is as old as Liberl itself, and modern research utilizing the latest orbal technology is expected to answer a few questions about this eerie structure, while posing still others.

Liberl News - Issue 3

[Breaking Story] The Linde Saga Continues!

Ransom Request Received!

A Royal Army representative reports that the Grancel Liberl Orbalship Corporation and Liberl Royal Family alike have received letters claiming responsibility for the Linde incident. The criminals refer to themselves as the 'Capua Family,' and demand a hefty sum of money (rumored to be in the millions of mira) to secure the passengers' safety.

Who Are the Capua Family?

These so-called 'Sky Bandits' are a group of marauders operating from Imperial airspace all the way into the Bose Region. Their exact numbers are unknown, but they're believed to be around two dozen strong.

The Need for Cooperative Efforts

With the incident quickly turning from search and rescue to hostage negotiation, collaboration between the Royal Army and the Bracer Guild seems the best possible course of action. When questioned on this subject, a Guild representative stated that the relationship between the two parties has seen worse times, but is still less than civil. Given this idealistic divide, a partnership seems extremely unlikely.

Bose's mayor, Ms. Maybelle, has launched an independent investigation through the guild, but still laments that the Royal Army won't share their information. 'This is no time for jurisdictional disputes,' she says. 'Both parties need to work together!' Having inherited the mayorship from her late father at only 21, Ms. Maybelle is known as a very wise young lady. Whether or not either party will heed her advice, however, remains to be seen.

[Technology] Enter the Arseille!

At long last, this high-speed cruiser takes to the skies! With rigging a whopping 42 arge in length, the pride and joy of the Zeiss Central Factory has finally been completed, and transferred into the stewardship of the Royal Guard. Watch out, do-badders!

Although not airborne just yet, the Arseille is scheduled for an operational test flight within the next few days, to the excitement of all involved. Due to delays in its orbal engine development, however, only a basic performance evaluation will be conducted at this time.

[Culture] The Hundred Days War - Book Review

Ten years have passed since the war, and I'm sure we all remember the endless reports of casualties and destruction, making an objective assessment of events a ludicrous proposition.

That's exactly what this book sets out to do, however, by compiling accounts from virtually every possible source to paint a crystal clear picture of what happened behind the scenes, and how the war came to be. History demanded a book like this be written, and on this dubious anniversary, I think everyone should give it a look.

[Travel] Finding the Perfect Getaway

The Maple Leaf Inn, nestled in the corner of quaint Elmo Village in southern Zeiss (within walking distance of the Republic's borders), is the most luxurious hot springs resort this reviewer has ever seen. Its tranquil Eastern aesthetic, abundant natural springs and outstanding Eastern cuisine are nothing short of dazzling, but the true reason to visit is, indeed, the soak itself. For you see, the Maple Leaf Inn is renowned for its open-air baths -- an understandably embarrassing prospect to some, but those who succumb will be glad they did. Taking in the warm waters while gazing up at the starry sky is truly a breathtaking experience.

And best of all: Towels are optional!

Liberl News - Issue 4

[Featured Story] Case Closed! Criminals Caught!

All Hostages Safely Secured!

The Royal Army reports that the military's Intelligence Division successfully located the Sky Bandits' hideout in the mountains of Bose. The criminals were apprehended, and all hostages were set free.

Linde Found in Abandoned Mine

Mere days prior to the Capuas' capture, the Linde was found in an abandoned mine north of Ravennue Village. Its cargo had been looted, and its passengers and crew were still missing, but this was the break the investigators needed to crack the case wide open. And shortly thereafter, that's exactly what they did!

Great Success for New Intelligence Division

The monumental task of clue analysis and deduction fell upon the Royal Intelligence Division, newly founded by a young man named Colonel Alan Richard. While the Border Patrol tracked the criminals, a team of intelligence officials led by one General Morgan fed them information and analyses, and it was this coordinated effort that ultimately led to a successful rescue

Historic Arrest Witnessed by Media

'Put your hands in the air!' came the cry. With that, the Royal Army blockaded the Capuas before they could escape, and it was all over. Don Capua's blank, disbelieving stare said it all!

Bracers Also Play Crucial Role

Intelligence and Border Patrol alone can't take all the credit for this successful rescue, as a handful of bracers played a fairly significant role too, modestly dodging the limelight in the process. Several hours prior to the army's raid, these bracers infiltrated the Sky Bandits' hideout through decidedly nonstandard means, and waged a small war against them from within, keeping them off their guard. In the end, it seems the bracers and the Royal Army really did work together, albeit by accident.

Ringleader Taken to Leiston Fortress

Don Capua, the ringleader of this crime family, has been transported to the Leiston Fortress, where he will be thoroughly interrogated. The Capuas' Imperial-made light aircraft, 'Bobcat,' has been impounded as evidence, and the case is expected to be an open-and-shut one.

Families Relieved That Hostages Are Safe

Friends and families of the hostages finally have a reason to smile again, now that they know their loved ones are safe. Bose's Mayor Maybelle is overjoyed as well. 'This is the result we all prayed for,' she says, 'and we owe an immeasurable debt of thanks to all those involved in resolving this incident without casualty.'

We at Liberl News also wish to send our gratitude to General Morgan, along with all his men and women of the Intelligence Division, for working around the clock to track down the whereabouts of the hostages and their captors. Everyone else involved deserves commendation as well, so let's be sure that when they return to their homes, they receive a true hero's welcome!

[Society] Duke Dunan von Auslese to Visit Ruan

Our sources say that Her Majesty's nephew is planning a vacation to Ruan -- though the exact times and locations remain undisclosed.

[Society] Imperial Citizen Dines and Dashes!

The upscale Anterose Restaurant in Bose's north block suffered a loss this week when an Imperial traveler/would-be musician bilked on his (rather hefty) bill. The man was arrested on the spot and imprisoned at Haken Gate -- a bit severe, but it sends a powerful message.

Liberl News - Issue 5

[Featured Story] We Interview Colonel Richard!

A Close-Up Look at the Man Behind the Plan

The Linde incident halted the nation's aerial transportation and struck fear in our hearts, but thanks to the Royal Army's Intelligence Division (hereafter 'I.D.'), all of that's behind us now, and no hostages were harmed. We're pleased to welcome the I.D. founder today for an exclusive one-on-one interview, and we'd like to thank him for taking time from his busy schedule to meet with us.

Alan Richard, Founder of I.D. Born S.C. 1168 (Age 34), Single. War College Graduate, Rank: Colonel.

Liberl News (hereafter LN): Congratulations on your success with the Linde incident!

Col. Alan Richard (hereafter AR): Thanks, but I'm not sure I'm the right person to congratulate. We officers just sit in front of a desk all day. It's the men and women on the field who deserve all the praise here!

LN: And we are thankful, truly. Tell me, Col., what was your role in the Hundred Days War?

AR: Easier to say what my role wasn't! I planned strategies, I fought, I handled communications and intelligence, and I procured goods for the troops, to name just a few of my tasks.

LN: And were the lessons you learned in the war contributive to the founding of the I.D.?

AR: Actually, no. We now live in an information age, and as orbal technology advances, life becomes faster-paced. And if the Royal Army can't keep up...well, then that's it for us!

LN: How do you see the Royal Army now, and in what ways do you believe it could be improved?

AR: As an officer, I really can't officially answer that. If you're asking for my own personal opinion, though, then I'd have to say we need to become a more robust organization.

LN: As in, more arms proliferation?

AR: No, no, quite the opposite! Not an expansion of force, but of quality. We need significant improvements in our organization, our equipment, our command structure...

LN: I'm afraid that's all the time we have, but Colonel Alan Richard, I sincerely thank you for granting us this wonderful opportunity.

This Reporter's Impression

Unpretentious, unrestrained and bold, Col. Alan Richard is nothing at all like the elite, haughty image people seem to have of him. And given his accomplishments, it's clear he's not only a brilliant man, but a politically savvy one as well. He truly is the Royal Army's rising star, and his time is only just beginning!

[Culture] Festival at the Jenis Royal Academy

The lychee is back in season, and as always, the Jenis Royal Academy is ready to celebrate! Come for the fruit, but stay for the booths, the exhibits, and of course, the annual class play!

[Culture] 'Site'-Seeing: Ruan & Air-Letten

Clear lake water flows over the edge of an aqueduct, forming cascading falls of unmatchable beauty. Such is Air-Letten-- a place of natural splendor and boundless wonder. Scholars and archaeologists alike are baffled as to how such grand medieval aqueducts were built in an age before orbal technology.

At present, the ruins of Air-Letten are used as a checkpoint between Ruan and Zeiss, but quality accommodations are also available for curious travelers with a taste for the ancient and mysterious. If that's you, then Letten the Air out of your boring life, and get going!

[Breaking Story] Mercia Orphanage Burnt to Ashes

Before dawn yesterday, a fire broke out at the Mercia Orphanage. No injuries were reported, but the building has been completely leveled. The Bracer Guild is presently investigating.

Liberl News - Issue 6

[Breaking Story] Ruan Mayor Arrested

A Sudden Arrest

Yesterday afternoon, Ruan's mayor, Morris Dalmore (48), was arrested by the Royal Guard on suspicion of arson and intent to commit other crimes. His steward, Gilbert Stein (25), was arrested on the same charges. Both are in the custody of the Intelligence Division and have been transferred to Leiston Fortress.

A Horrifying Rampage by the Incumbent Mayor

Mayor Dalmore is suspected of ordering the arson carried out on the Mercia Orphanage and plotting the theft of the donations, as well. Although those responsible for committing the acts have not yet been caught, the mayor's steward, Gilbert, was seized at the scene, suggesting his involvement.

Arseille Aids in Arrest

Mayor Dalmore abruptly fled his residence during questioning by the Bracer Guild and attempted to flee down the Roubine River in his personal yacht. The bracers reacted quickly and alerted the Royal Guard, who rushed to the scene in the high-speed cruiser, Arseille, and used its hull as a barrier to thwart the escape. After his apprehension, the suspect appeared to have a temporary lapse of memory, possibly due to shock, but has since regained his composure.

What Motivated Such a Despicable Act?

A figure born into privilege and wealth who, for years, managed the affairs of the municipal government, has fallen from grace--all for what in the end was nothing more than an enormous debt borne from insatiable, personal greed.

In an investigation conducted by the Liberl News, it was uncovered that Morris Dalmore had been engaged in a number of speculative market transactions. However, a year prior, these deals in the Republic fell through, and he was left with a substantial debt. In order to cover his losses, Dalmore diverted money from the city's budget and attempted to develop a number of resort homes to be built somewhere within the region, perhaps reasoning that the profit gained from some prime real estate would hide his pilfering from the city coffers and restore his prior wealth.

Unfortunately, the key to his plan, the Mercia Orphanage, declined an offer to sell the land upon which it stood. The desperate suspect then resorted to arson and slipped into a heinous spree of crime.

[Society] Ruan Awaits a Speedy Election

With the incumbent mayor under arrest and incapable of fulfilling his duties, Ruan's succeeding municipal government is expected to endure an extended period of confusion. However, through the abolishment of the aristocracy and simultaneous enactment of a royal charter, in an instance such as this one, the law stipulates that an election must be held at the earliest possible date and a new mayor selected.

Therefore, in the interest of public stability, a prompt and nonpartisan election is awaited by all.

[Technology] The Orbal Calculator, Capel - No. 1 in Processing Ability Worldwide

Mechanical computation through the application of orbments has been used in a vast range of fields beginning with navigational equipment aboard airships. However, the Capel, which is located in the Zeiss Central Factory, reigns supreme in this department.

The Capel has the ability to instantly locate information from within its databanks, which currently store an amount equal to that of numerous encyclopedias. Its inventor, Professor Russell, is presently researching further possible applications for this technology.

Liberl News - Issue 7

[Breaking Story] Shock Over Terrorist Incident

Incident Occurs in Broad Daylight

According to an annoucement made by the Royal Army Intelligence Division, a terrorist attack occurred at the Zeiss Central Factory. Concrete details remain scarce, but the smoke canisters deployed by the criminals caused a temporary state of panic.

After the incident, residents witnessed soldiers dressed in blue uniforms exit the building. The Royal Army has expanded checks and is currently tracking the phony soldiers' movements.

Mistrust of Those Serving in Blue Uniforms

Relating to the blue uniforms reported at the scene, several witnesses have indicated that they were the uniforms worn by the Royal Guard. The Intelligence Division has avoided making any statements regarding the matter, but if this information proves to be true, the implications could affect the entire Royal Army.

We will carefully follow how this situation develops in the near future.

Blackout Related to the Current Incident?

In the evening, two days prior to the incident, an unusual phenomenon occurred within the city of Zeiss which caused all orbments to black out temporarily. The Royal Army is investigating whether or not there is any connection to the recent terrorist attack.

Theories Regarding the Terrorist Incident

The perpetrators' objective in this latest terrorist incident is still unclear at this time. The Liberl News has therefore compiled some of the theories being bandied about in connection with the incident.

[Theory 1: Imperial Conspiracy] : The imperial forces were behind the incident in order to get their hands on the Central Factory's technology. 

This theory suggests that a mercenary force like a jaeger corps was used to carry out the actual attack.

[Theory 2: Insurrection Within the Royal Army] : An insurgency was carried out by a part of the Royal Army and, in order to send a shockwave across the kingdom, this same group sought to occupy the Central Factory.

However, without any prior incident from the military, this theory does not seem plausible.

[Theory 3: Attacked by the Ancient Dragon]: A rather odd theory by a group of researchers that purports that the ancient dragon living within the mountainous region attacked the Central Factory.

This theory may be best addressed by returning to it in a few weeks to see if any sort of verifiable evidence has been left behind.

[Culture] Touring Ancient Sites

~The Grancel Region and the Ahnenburg Wall~

The Ahnenburg Wall---The last line of defense during the Hundred Days War which protected the Royal City from the invading Imperial Army. This wall, likened unto a protective shell encompassing the whole of Grancel, is one of several ancient ruins scattered across the kingdom. If one were to climb atop the ramparts from both the Gurune and Sanktheim gates, one just might be able to feel the wisdom of the ancients through that majestic structure.

[Travel] The Place to Get Away From It All

This time I will be introducing a hotel rather than an inn. The hotel of which I speak, The Roenbaum, boasts of the highest pedigree in the entirety of the Liberl Kingdom. 

This hotel stands next-door to Grancel Castle, a location other establishments can only dream of, and is just a few minutes' walk from Grancel's east block. If one intends to fully enjoy the annual festivities, then this is one place which should not be left off your list. And especially for those celebrities from all walks of life, by all means, take this opportunity to experience its critically acclaimed service.

Liberl News - Issue 8

[Featured Story] Conspiracy in the Royal City?!

Shock Over Royal Guard Arrests

According to a statement issued by the Intelligence Division late last night, the Royal Guard conspired to revolt within the Royal City. This shocker occurred when the group was confronted by the Intelligence Division Special Operations Unit, which identified the unfolding plot.

Following the incident, the Army Strategic Operations Headquarters called for an immediate stand-down of the Royal Guard.

It also appears that the incident at the Central Factory was the work of this seditionist movement led by the former Royal Guard members. Evidence gathered from the attack seems to have been a deciding factor in ID-ing the culprits.

Ex-1st Lieutenant Julia Schwarz (pictured above) is currently on the run with a number of her fellow officers. A warrant has been issued for their arrest.

Erbe Royal Villa on Lockdown

The Intelligence Division has set up headquarters in the Erbe Royal Villa, and is preparing for an attack by the insurgent unit. In the meantime, entry into the area surrounding the villa is strictly prohibited.

Suspicion of the Elite Unit

A sedition plot, an attack on the Central Factory -- Her Majesty's most trusted unit has suddenly, like a bolt out of the blue, been accused of some truly heinous crimes.

These shocking events have sent citizens of the Royal City reeling in a state of bafflement, yet there has still been no word from the Intelligence Division about the evidence or motive behind these incidents.

In the interest of public sentiment, should not swift steps be taken to demonstrate, clearly, the grounds for these claims?

[Society] A Postponement of Festivities?

A royal official disclosed today that Her Majesty, Queen Alicia, appears to have fallen ill, and is presently recuperating in the royal keep. It was also noted that Princess Klaudia would be attending to the needs of her grandmother, Her Royal Highness. For the time being, the honorable Duke Dunan von Auslese will be assuming all official duties in her stead.

It is conceivable that there may be a postponement of the annual festivities if Her Majesty's recovery is unfavorable. In the Royal City, already taken aback at the arrest of a unit within the Royal Army, this is another piece of depressing news for all the peace-loving citizens.

Our prayers go out to Her Majesty for a speedy recovery.

[Society] The Martial Arts Competition Begins!

This year's Martial Arts Competition is hosted by the honorable Duke Dunan von Auslese in place of Her Majesty, and despite the uncertainty arising from recent events, the preliminary rounds will begin as scheduled.

Owing to the duke's strong inclination to have teams of four battle it out, this year's match format was changed. The sudden modification sent competitors scrambling in an effort to assemble teams. It appears, however, that one competitor, a citizen of the Republic, has elected to go it alone for the time being.

This solitary challenger; will he be able to make it through the preliminaries?

Liberl News - Issue 9

[Featured Story] Victors Decided!

Crown Goes to an Unlikely Team

When the last of the Special Ops Unit slowly sank to their knees, the referee raised his hand, and the entire arena erupted in fanfare.

The competition, which got off to a rocky start after the change from single to team matches, had yet another unforeseeable surprise awaiting eager fans, in the form of a team of unlikely victors led by Zane Vathek of the Calvard Republic. Was there anyone out there who could have anticipated such a feat?

A martial artist, two bracers, and a musician; an unheard-of combination, to say the least! Yet, this is the group that advanced to the finals and took the crown by defeating the elite of the Special Operations Unit. It just goes to show, it's not over 'til it's over!

The winning team's members continued to work effectively by leveraging their individual talents in complementary harmony with one another, playing off of each other's strengths. The competition itself was an event replete with powerful, heated battles and unique team dynamics, which ended explosively to thunderous ovation. The Liberl News wishes to honor the valiant efforts of all those who participated in this year's proceedings.

Winning Team Invited to the Royal Banquet

In a ceremony held at the conclusion of the competition, the winning team was awarded a cash prize of 100,000 mira and an invitation to the royal banquet. This formal dinner will be hosted by Duke Dunan von Auslese. The mayors of each city and other various persons of influence are also scheduled to attend.

[Society] The Queen Shows Signs of Recovery

The Liberl News has been informed that Her Majesty the Queen, who has been recuperating, is expected to return to her official duties soon. The anniversary celebration, which was in danger of being postponed, will now assuredly be conducted on schedule.

In recent days, with unsettling news becoming the norm, it is certainly wonderful to receive such joyous tidings.

[Society] Intelligence Division Steps Up Defense

The search for the officers of the Ex-Royal Guard accused of acting as ringleaders in a series of terrorist-related incidents has proven to be an onerous one, and after making little headway, the Intelligence Division decided to station members of their unit within the Royal City, in a move to further step up defensive measures. All security positions covering Grancel Castle are also expected to be relegated to the same unit.

[Society] Ancient Dragon Sighted?

Reports have made their way to our news desk regarding the sighting of an enormous silhouette making its way across the sky above Ravennue Village, located in the northern part of the Bose region. Public speculation revolves around whether or not the object in question is, in fact, the ancient dragon which has been living in the world since before the Great Collapse.

According to statements by a number of researchers, the Bose region was the last place the ancient dragon had been sighted, giving further credence to the claim that the great creature may still presently be living among us. Research concerning the ancient dragon has also begun to take a leap into the public spotlight as of late. These purported sightings have, of course, only fueled researchers' excitement.

Liberl News - Special

[Breaking Story] Coup D'etat Thwarted!

Rescuing Her Majesty, the Queen

Yesterday at noon, a group comprised mostly of bracers and members of the Royal Guard stormed Grancel Castle. After rescuing Her Majesty, who had been placed under house arrest by the Intelligence Division, said group suppressed the Special Operations Unit of that division, thereby liberating the royal castle. ID commanding officer, Colonel Richard, as well as other high-ranking officers involved were placed under arrest and charged with attempting to incite a coup d'etat.

In this issue I intend to make a full account of the hidden truth behind this string of incidents.

Message to the Readers

I am sure there are many out there who are dumbfounded by the headings printed in this issue. Up until now, this magazine has withheld publishing information concerning major events which surrounded the occupation of the royal castle, placement of Her Majesty under house arrest, and other such circumstances of pertinence in an endeavor to uncover the Intelligence Division's dark conspiracy. 

The Liberl News sincerely apologizes for the abrupt coverage, and in addition asks that the readers understand our decision in this matter.

- (Editor-in-Chief)

Alan Richard's Plan

The young founder of the Intelligence Division -- behind his humble facade, there lurked a calculating schemer enacting a carefully-planned coup d'etat. 

Richard's plan all began through the utilization of the Intelligence Division as a personal recruitment tool to amass a group of senior military officials mired in corruption and illicit affairs. These actions allowed Richard to hold the heart of the Royal Army within the palm of his hand -- for a time, at least. General Morgan and other such incorruptible figures of importance, on the other hand, were forcibly bound, imprisoned, or otherwise restrained from interfering.

Terrorist Incident Resolved

In sum, the soldiers in blue uniforms were the perfect imitative deception with which to frame the Royal Guards. The goal of the incident itself was to secure certain test equipment and abduct Professor Russell, the leading specialist in orbment research, but the background surrounding this event is still under investigation by the Bracer Guild.

Royal Princess Held Hostage

After gaining control over a large majority of the army, Richard finally set his coup d'etat plan in motion. Placing Her Majesty's nephew, Duke Dunan von Auslese, on the throne in her stead, Richard assumed control over the royal family from the shadows. His plan was to press Her Majesty to abdicate the throne by taking Her Highness, Princess Klaudia, hostage, but the Royal Guard, led by 1st Lieutenant Schwarz, saw right through the machinations. A fierce battle ensued between the Special Operations Unit and the Royal Guard over Her Highness, the princess. However, being outnumbered, the Royal Guard's stand ended in defeat, and Princess Klaudio was taken captive.

Following the incident, members of the Royal Guard were branded as terrorists, and the unit was driven underground. With nothing standing in Richard's way, the success of his coup d'etat was only a matter of time.

Unlikely Heroes Make an Appearance

Amidst the chaos, an unheralded ray of light shone down upon the scene. A certain few individuals infiltrated the castle and slipped past the security of the Special Operations Unit. Moreover, they succeeded in meeting with Her Majesty, the Queen, who was under house arrest at the time.

I have refrained from writing these individuals' names in deference to the Bracer Guild's request, but suffice it to say, the guild itself, which had been in the dark due to regulations sanctioned by the Intelligence Division, was for the first time able to grasp the direness of the situation, thanks to information acquired by these nameless heroes.

After being apprised of the chain of events, the Bracer Guild would become a central force of opposition to the Intelligence Division.

Liberation of the Queen

The Bracer Guild rendezvoused with the estranged Royal Guard and set about liberating the Erbe Royal Villa through a joint operation carried out under the veil of night, and beginning with Her Highness Princess Klaudia, succeeded in rescuing the hostages. Then yesterday, using the tolling noon bell of the Grancel Cathedral as a cue, a rescue team primarily made up of bracers and members of the Royal Guard pressed forward with a plan to storm the castle in a three-pronged attack from air, land, and the underground. As rangers of the Royal Army under the command of the Intelligence Division fell upon the liberating group, a deadly battle with the Special Operations Unit erupted within the halls of Grancel Castle, and even spread to the lower levels. The struggle finally came to an end with the safe rescue of Her Majesty, Queen Alicia.

At roughly the same time, a unit of the Royal Army that had come within sight of the castle ceased its advance after being persuaded to lay down arms by General Morgan, who had escaped from captivity and rushed to the Royal City. The coup d'etat plan which had been crafted by Richard and the Intelligence Division had been, without a doubt, thwarted at the narrow brink of no return.

The Face of This Nameless Paramilitary Unit

As is evident from the information presented in this article, the ambitions of the Intelligence Division were not shattered by the strength of a lone hero, but by the combined courage of a host of unnamed individuals, who in the end wielded the strength necessary to bring down the curtains on this intricate scheme.

It has also been rumored that a number of civilians stood shoulder to shoulder with the ranks of the Royal Guard and bracers in this endeavor. During this final struggle, the forces gathered together on the liberators' side were, in fact, put in a situation which many would agree was insufficient in terms of strength to combat this foe. However, it was the courage of these civilians that compensated for this deficiency.

As a reporter caught up in the mix, I was also one of those individuals who found themselves being borne up by this incredible energy. Among those who gave me the strength to carry on were two junior bracers in particular, to whom I owe a special debt of gratitude; for without them, penning these articles would have been an impossibility.

As we come to the end of these tumultuous events, I am once again overcome with feelings of reverence and thankfulness. The two individuals of whom I have spoken are scheduled to be awarded with their long-awaited status by the Bracer Guild at any moment. Please forgive my use of the following space for a personal message in consideration of the heroes who saved Liberl Kingdom.

My heartiest congratulations to the both of you -- and if you're ever in the mood for curry, it's on me. -(N)

[Society] Royal Guard Reinstated

The Royal Guard, which had been branded as terrorists and forced underground, has had its honor restored. The Army Strategic Operations Headquarters also decided today that the Royal Guard will be officially reinstated, and it is expected that 1st Lieutenant Schwarz and all of her fellow officers will be returning to their former unit.

[Society] General Morgan Promoted

The coup d'etat was carried out by a division of the military that should have served as a protective shield to the public. The Royal Army itself, unable to forestall this serious incident despite the threat it posed to the nation, will refocus its prime objective on restructuring and reorganizing in order to prevent such future tragedies. To head that movement, the Royal Assembly has already proposed the leadership be awarded to General Morgan. The Royal Army has shown signs that it will comply with these demands, and General Morgan is expected to accede to the office of Commander of Strategic Operations.

In addition, it was announced that former colonel Cassius Bright, who acted as the general's right-hand man during the Hundred Days War, will be making a return, this time as an adjunct to the commander. The former colonel had, after the war, resigned from his post and transferred his considerable talents to the Bracer Guild

[Society] Mystery at the Tetracyclic Towers!

Yesterday afternoon, numerous reports came in from all over the kingdom in witness to a mysterious light. It has been said that a beam of light shone from the tops of the Tetracyclic Towers. We are presently awaiting an investigation into the matter, as no further details are known at this time.

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