Leeves (リーヴス) is a town located in the western suburbs of Heimdallr, Erebonia. It is home to the Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus Leeves.


Leeves is around the same size as Trista. It was once ruled by a unspecified baron, but after his fall it was added by the Imperial government to their growing territory.

While Leeves was spared from damage during the Erebonian Civil War, many inhabitants lost family members during the turmoil.

After the war, alongside the newly-established Branch Campus Leeves, experimental military facilities have been constructed for the school. This shift in atmosphere leaves some residents of Leeves uncomfortable and as a result, they decide to move to the more scenic Trista.


  • Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus Leeves
  • Branch Campus Lodgings (第Ⅱ分校宿舎): Dormitory for people associated with the Branch Campus Leeves. The salon, dining hall and baths are located on the first floor. Baths are separated by sex, but the lowered wall in-between allows users to talk to each other. Students sleep on the second floor, with 2 to 3 people sharing a room. There is also a common room. On the third floor, the private rooms of Principal Aurelia Le Guin and the faculty instructors are located. There are also empty rooms.
  • Barneys Inn (宿酒場《バーニーズ》): The inn is ran by Barney. His daughter Gina works at the Dining Hall at Thors Campus Leeves. Daisy works at the inn as a maid. Alcohol is served, but not to minors. Cain is a regular at Barneys Inn, but he is not from Leeves.
  • Boutique - Lapin (ブティック《ラパン》): Sells accessories and fancy goods to change appearances, such as hair colour. The store is ran by Marcus.
  • Book & Goods - Carniege (本・遊具《カーネギー書房》): Primarily a book store, but inhabitants of Leeves also come here to play the card game Vantage Master. The store is ran by Rachel.
  • Josuian General Goods (食材・雑貨《如水庵》): The store is ran by Old Man Rado.
  • Bakery Café - Recette (ベーカリーカフェ《ルセット》): The store is ran by Lisa. It opened in the fall of S.1205.
  • Neinvalli's Weapons & Trade Shop (武器・交換屋《ナインヴァリ》): The store is ran by Jingo and her dog, Kerberos.
  • Trista Radio Station (ラジオ局《トリスタ放送》): Ran by Munk, assisted by receptionist Lynley.
  • Leeves Station (リーヴァス駅) and Station Square (駅前広場): Station Attendant Daia works here. She is the only named station attendant of the station. She is the older sister of Tom and Titi.
  • Leeves Chapel (リーヴァス礼拝堂): Father Henry, assisted by Sister Rosine.
  • Leeves - Mayor's Residence (リーヴァス・町長宅): Here live Mayor Haddock, his wife Morgana and their son, Franky. Haddock is fed up with his lazy son, who one days decides to become a bracer. After Rean helps him realise it is not going to work out, Celestin suggests to him helping out at Thors Campus Leeves.
  • Leeves - House: Here lives Cattleya with her husband, Braun, and their son, Armin.
  • Other NPCs: Sabrina, Chammy, Sheryll and Zack.