Lechter Arundel (レクター・アランドール), also known as The Scarecrow (かかし男(スケアクロウ)), is a commissioned major of the Intelligence Division of the Imperial Army of Erebonia, an intelligence officer holding the title of diplomatic secretary and a member of the Ironbloods.


Prior to his revealed allegiance to Giliath Osborne, Lechter was the student council president at Jenis Royal Academy in Liberl as a senior of Klaudia von Auslese. He dropped out of the school without notice, leaving students and teachers alike wondering where he had gone off to.

Lechter operated from Crossbell around the time it declared its independence late S.1204. He worked together with the Special Support Section, Crossbell Police Department and Kilika Rouran of the Rocksmith Agency to overthrow the illegitimate presidency of Dieter Crois.

After the Erebonian Civil War he resumed his domestic duties as an intelligence officer. His tasks include providing the Rean Schwarzer as the Ashen Chevalier with orders from the Imperial government.

Combat Orbment



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