Laura S. Arseid (ラウラ・S・アルゼイド) is a Blademaster at the Arseid school and alumna of Thors Military Academy's Class VII.


Young Laura (Cold Steel II)


Laura was raised as the daughter of Victor S. Arseid, Viscount of Legram. The identity of Laura's mother and her whereabouts are unknown. Her non-reply to Beatrix's tales of the Hundred Days War in Trails of Cold Steel II may suggest that her mother died during said war.

Thors Military Academy

Though Laura had the option of enrolling at St. Astraia Girls' School, she decided to enroll at Thors Military Academy at the age of 17 due to St. Astraia lacking martial arts classes. During the Thors entrance exam she was included as a candidate for Class VII and passed with flying colors.

Soon thereafter she discovered the truth in her father's words -- 'If you follow the path of the sword, it is only a matter of time before you encounter a follower of the Eight Leaves' -- by meeting classmate Rean Schwarzer, practitioner of the Eight Leaves One Blade school.

During Class VII's first field trip together to Celdic, Laura pushed Rean to acknowledge his own path of the sword and to live his life with pride in himself. It was also Laura's hope that Rean would become one of her regular sparring partners.

Escape from Trista

After escaping from Trista, Laura, Emma, Jusis and several other students managed to escape to Legram. Once she discovered that her father was absent from Legram, Laura decided to temporarily take over her father's responsibilities. Some time later, Jusis left to go back to Bareahard, leaving only her and Emma to try and gather intel about the whereabouts of their classmates.

Aftermath of the Civil War

After the Civil War's conclusion, Laura went back to her studies and training at Thors Military Academy. Once Rean returned from his military duties in Crossbell, Laura and the rest of Class VII were there to greet him and support him. Laura also acted as emotional support for Rean to help ease the burden of his new responsibilities and the weight of Crow's death.

In her final dialogue with Rean, Laura reaffirmed her desire to enter into the next stage of the Arseid school training to learn advanced techniques, and that she would be leaving Thors to do so. While she invited Rean to attend the session with her, Rean declined her offer and told her that the best thing for both of them would be to walk their own two paths and not to hold herself back on his behalf. Laura then departed Thors, preparing herself for the day that Class VII would reunite to save Erebonia from the eventual conflicts brought forth by Giliath Osborne.

Travelling Warrior

After the Erebonian Civil War, Laura polished her skills at the Arseid school to become proficient enough to serve as instructor. Instead of taking up that role, Laura begins a travel to acquire new insights into the way of the sword. She believes that these schools are mere checkpoints along the never-ending road.

Character Notes





The problem with Laura's orbment is that two slots are reserved for water quartz.



  • Two of the weapons Laura wields in Trails of Cold Steel II, Grambringer and Black Septium Blade, appeared previously in Trails in the Sky SC as weapons for Agate Crosner and Mueller Vander.
  • Laura's bonding trophy in Trails of Cold Steel is titled "Here With You To Knight".
  • Laura's bonding trophy in Trails of Cold Steel II is titled "Arseid School of Courtsmanship".

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