Kurt Vander (クルト・ヴァンダール) is an intermediate at the Vander school and a student at the Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus Leeves.


Kurt Vander Childhood - Visual (Sen III)

Young Kurt getting trained by his brother, Mueller. Matteus and Aurier Vander, his parents, watch his progress in the back.

Kurt was born in Erebonia. He is the son of Matteus Vander and his second wife, Aurier. Kurt inherited his grey-blue hair from his mother, so often he is not immediately recognised as a Vander descendant. Until the age of 10, Kurt lived in Parm where his family ran the Vander Training Hall. Then, his father appointed as guardian of Emperor Eugent III at the Valflame Palace, they moved to Heimdallr.

Kurt is specialised in the Vander school twin blade techniques, making use of the agility of his slender body. Making it to the level of intermediate at a young age demonstrates his natural talent for swordmanship. However, it initially burdens him that he had to settle for the branch of twin blades since the Vander school is primarily known for their specialisation in large swords. Receiving praise for his looks also depresses him, as he considers his physical appearance superior to the average Vander, which are considered robust men.

Lost of Pride and Duty

Kurt was raised with a strong sense of duty to become the future guardian of the Imperial Family. That prospect vanished when Chancellor Giliath Osborne released the Vander family of their duty, arguing that "the protection of the imperial family should not be monopolised within one family" and subsequently spread the Vanders across the empire.

Growing up alongside his brother Mueller, Kurt assumed it would be his duty to protect Crown Prince Cedric Reise Arnor similar to how his brother has been escorting Prince Olivert. His disappointment had him withdraw from enrolling at Thors Military Academy, but his Mueller encouraged him to sign up for the Thors Campus Leeves anyway.

In other words, Kurt struggles with a number of (inferiority) complexes, summed up: his different hair colour and physique compared to the rest of the family; having to resort to a branch sword style; missing out on his family's duty for which he was raised; and the sudden changes in Cedric's behaviour.

Character Notes

Kurt Vander
Kurt Vander Note (Sen III)
Class VII Special Department (Chess Club)
Vander School intermediate that excels in both literary and military arts. Handsome on the outside, burdened by anxieties within.
Forward, Bravely
Initially let down that Rean had no use for his Vander sword, he eased up as his Panzer Soldat support was acknowledged.
Discharged Guardian's Sword
Released by the government from his familial duty as guardian of the Imperial Family, he desperately enrolled at Thors II, distancing himself from the crown prince.
Brother's Footsteps
Decided to follow his brother Mueller's suit by perfectioning their 'own sword' during their time as a student.
Great Mother
'Even when removed as guardian of the imperial family, one does what one must do' is the sage advice Aurier gave Kurt to find answers himself.

Kurt Vander Note (Sen III)


Name Description Class Break Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill) Rain Slash
Attack (Set) -  Area (S+) - Delay+10
A A 30 Initial
Craft (Sen III Skill) Twin Carver
Magic Attack - Line (S) - Impede - Blind (50%)
D D 40 Lv.9
Craft (Sen III Skill) Sword Dance
Self (3 turns) - Sword Flash - STR/SPD raised (M) boost
30 Lv.18
Craft (Sen III Skill) Tempest Edge
Attack (Set) - Area (M) - Seal+50% - Mute+50%
S C 60 Lv.36
S Craft (Sen III Skill) Ragna Strike
Attack - Area XL - Seal (50%) SS+ D 100+ 4/22

Brave Order

Character Name BP Effect
Kurt Vander Sword Wind Formation


2 Delay -30% (4 counts)



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