Kurt Vander (クルト・ヴァンダール) is a student at the Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus Leeves.


Among the Vander family line, Kurt's grey-blue hair colour is considered highly unusual.

He was raised with a strong sense of duty to become the future guardian of the Imperial Reise Arnor family. That future was lost when Chancellor Giliath Osborne released the Vander family of their duty. His disappointment had him withdraw from enrolling at Thors Military Academy, but his brother Mueller encouraged him to sign up for the Second Branch school anyway.

Kurt has a complex in that he considers himself smart. In battle, he is a balanced advance guard character.


Name Description
Craft (Sen Skill) テンペストエッジ

Tempest Edge


Sen no Kiseki III
Kurt Vander S-Craft (Sen III)
Kurt Vander - Bust (Sen III)
Kurt Vander (Sen III)
Kurt - Sketch (Sen III)
Concept art
Kurt - Twin Blades (Sen III)
Twin Blades
Exceed!! - Offical Art (Sen III)
Promotional artwork
Shields Of A Nation At War - Official Art (Sen III)
Promotional Art

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