Kitty-Talk for Dummies (猫語日常会話入門, neko-go nichijoukaiwa nyuumon) is a book that can be found in Trails in the Sky FC.


Kitty-Talk for Dummies

[Things to Be Aware of When Speaking in Feline]

Pronunciation of the feline language has distinct characteristics depending on the region and may differ slightly from the following information. This could be considered comparable to dialects in the human tongue.

In addition, since the number of elongated vowel sounds (indicated by the 〜 character) are intimately related to a cat's personality and emotional state, there is quite a broad range of variation.

That being said, I have attempted to compile a list of the most common expressions.

[Specific Examples]

Nyaaoo〜n: You're absolutely right. (Strong affirmation)

Nyaa〜go: This way. (When guiding)

Nyaa〜〜o: This is it.

Nyayayaa〜: (An expression of delight)

Nyaya〜〜go: Hold up. (When urging to be cautious)

Nyaa: These nails are bothering me. (When agitated)

Nya〜〜: I'm hungry.

Nyao〜〜n: (An expression of caution)

Nyaon: I'm tired.

Nyaon?: Who are you?

Nyao-n: Yes, that's right.

Nyao?: What's wrong?

Nya-o: So, we meet again...fleshy thing.

Nya-go: It's been a while. How have you been?

Nya〜on: Goodbye.

Nya〜o: Yes, that's exactly right. (Strong affirmation)

Nya〜〜go: Hello.

Fumyaaa: (A yawn)

Myaon?: What did you just say, o' hairless one? (An expression of reproach)

Mya〜uun: You are welcome, squishy pink thing.

Mya〜u: I'm hungry. (Kitten talk)

Mya〜〜go: I'm sorry.

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