At Kiseki Wiki, we dedicate a lot of time and effort on the consistency and formatting of our articles. When creating a new page, please keep the following pointers in mind.


Infobox images

Infoboxes for characters are illustrated with chronologically the most recent artwork of said character. For many Trails in the Sky characters, that is Akatsuki no Kiseki, which takes places after Trails in the Sky The 3rd and even after Zero no Kiseki. Wiki moderator Ribose5 keeps an online archive up-to-date with these illustrations.

If new artwork becomes available, the older artwork is moved to the Gallery at the bottom of the above, between Trivia and the navigational bars at the bottom.

As for the actual illustration, the following order is preferred:

  • S-Craft cut-in (transparent)
  • Portrait (transparent)
  • Screenshot

For portraitless NPC's the Kiseki Wiki prefer to use sprites.

If you leave the illustration in the infobox blank, someone else will add it.

Naming of images

Images' names always consistent of a subject and the source from what game it was taken. For example:

  • "Estelle Bright S-Craft (Zero).png"
  • "Alise Reise Arnor Note (Sen II).png"
  • "Crossbell City - Waterfront Area (Zero).png"


Character profiles

See Laura S. Arseid per example.

  • Infobox Character.
  • Brief and general introduction (1-2 lines).
  • Background, usually chronological.
  • Character Notes (since Sen)
  • Weapons
  • Crafts
  • Orbment
  • Gallery
  • Trivia


See Crossbell City per example.

  • Infobox City/Military Installation/etc.
  • Brief and general introduction introduction.
  • Backgrond, usually chronological.
  • Locations (or Divisions)

Divisions within a city, such as Crossbell City/Central Square or Bareahard City/Noble District, are placed after a /. This allows users to easily return to the city as a whole.

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