Juna Crawford (ユウナ・クロフォード) is a student at the Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus Leeves. Juna is described as being a lively girl with a strong sense of justice.


Inspired by the Special Support Section's endeavours in S.1204, Juna aspired to become a police agent with the Crossbell Police Department. Her dream, however, falls to pieces thanks to the Imperial occupation of Crossbell.

Since her dream is no longer attainable, Juna decides to enroll at the Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus Leeves school due to the invitation of a certain someone. She decides to use this chance to investigate the country that invaded her home in S.1205. She tends to get easily worked up about Erebonia's invasion and occupation of her homeland of Crossbell.

Juna is an older sister type and has a younger brother and sister.


Name Description Class Break Cost
Craft (Sen Skill) Cross Break


Attack (Set) - Area (M) - Impede - Faint (30%)

Wraps Gunbreakers in electricity to unleash a shockwave. Unbalance 5%.

B A 30
Craft (Sen Skill) Gemini Blast


Rapidly fires bullets at a group of enemies. 40
Craft (Sen Skill) Brave Smash


Assault in a straight line using all of one's fighting spirit. 60
S Craft (Sen Skill) Excel Breaker


Attack - Area (L)

Delivers strong blows with the tonfas, finishing off with a strong laser beam.



Sen no Kiseki III
Juna Crawford S-Craft (Sen III)
Juna Crawford Bust (Sen III)
Juna Crawford (Sen III)
Juna - Alternate Sketches (Sen III)
Concept Art
Juna - Gunbreakers (Sen III)
Exceed!! - Offical Art (Sen III)
Promotional artwork
Crossbell's Rivalry - Official Art (Sen III)
Promotional artwork
Juna SSS - Dengekiya Bonus (Sen III)
Lloyd's outfit (Dengekiya bonus)
Juna Crossbell Cheer - Tsutaya Bonus (Sen III)
Tsutaya bonus
Juna Crawford - Striker Mode (Sen III)
Striker Mode
Juna Crawford - Gunner Mode (Sen III)
Gunner Mode