Imperial Chronicle (帝国時報, teikoku jihou) is a newspaper series featured in Trails of Cold Steel II.

Imperial Chronicle - Issue 1

[Breaking] Martial Law in Heimdallr Lifted 

The Vermillion Capital of Heimdallr has been in a state of chaos since the late chancellor's address, but that appears to be coming to a close due in full to the tireless efforts of the Noble Alliance.

The alliance has officially announced its hasty defeat over the rebels lurking within the city's bounds, as well as declared that the elements in the former Imperial Army who plotted the rebellion have been all but stamped out.

As a result, martial law in the city has finally been lifted, with Noble Alliance Supreme Commander Duke Cayenne confidently stating: 'The capital's safety is now assured.'

That one of the pillars of the Empire's security would start a rebellion to begin with has been a shock to the nation as a whole, and a heavy sense of dread grows among the citizens.

The situation is not without its positives, however, as the alliance forces have valiantly sworn to continue safeguarding the city. Upon reaching out for comment, they claimed their actions were merely a part of one's duty.

One can only hope that placing our trust in these brave men and women will mark a turning point in returning peace to our great nation.

What of the Rebels?

It is certain that the rebels responsible for organizing the uprising have far more allies than is currently known, and the Noble Alliance is working day and night to both find and apprehend all those who had any involvement with this unconscionable act of treason.

It is also suspected that the recent assassination of former chancellor Giliath Osborne may have been the work of the rebels as well. A reliable source told us, 'While our investigation is still underway, we believe there is far more to all of this than initially anticipated.'

As it stands, a number of the army's armored divisions are continuing to act in a manner truly unfit for citizens of the Empire, frequently instigating conflict against alliance forces stationed across the country.

The same thoughts are no doubt running through the minds of every Erebonian citizen: what would possibly inspire such clear acts of betrayal towards His Majesty? At what point will the guilty parties come forward and surrender?

We of the Imperial Chronicle say: Only time will tell.

[Society] The Imperial Family Rests

In light of recent events, the Imperial family is expected to remain inside Valflame Palace in comfort.

The Imperial Household Agency has reassured the public that this move is only for security reasons, but those close to the family have expressed concerns, speculating the true reason to be that they may be deeply distressed by the current chaotic state of the nation.

At least one member of the Noble Alliance has reached out to us to further clarify the Imperial family's position, relaying His Majesty's instructions to 'do what must be done for the sake of the Empire.'

As of this publication, the only member of the Imperial family unaccounted for is His Highness Prince Olivert. Fearing for his safety, the Noble Alliance has assured it is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to locate him.

[Report] Soldats Unveiled

The new weapons being developed to ensure the safety of the Vermillion Capital, now known as Panzer Soldats, were formally unveiled in a private press event. Standing at seven arge tall, the manned behemoths were immediately met with an overwhelmingly positive reception, being welcomed both as symbols of a strength and as a perfect weapon for keeping Erebonia's people protected.

Some have referred to the Soldats as 'Knights of Justice,' and indeed, the memory of them fighting battle after battle to prevent the rebels' uprising is still fresh in our minds. The Noble Alliance is planning to station them throughout the Empire to aid in the fight against enemy forces.

[Breaking] Kreuzen Province Almost Fully Under Control

The Kreuzen Province may be the first to fully eradicate all rebellious elements if a recent announcement is any indication. While some battles are still ongoing within the province's borders, their end seems to only be a matter of time.

A source connected to the forces confided that he 'hopes His Majesty will be proud of our work,' further expressing how his men were wholly dedicated to the elimination of the rebels in the region.

Regrettably, a large number of villages and towns have been caught up in the conflict, giving us one more reason to pray this war comes to an end as soon as possible.

[Notice] Information on Wanted Persons Needed

A large number of persons believed to have some connection to the rebellion are wanted, including members of the Railway Military Police, officers in other parts of the Imperial Army, politicians in the former Reformist Faction, and even a small number of students.

For the good of our nation's dignity, citizens with any information at all that could lead to their capture are urged to come forward and inform a member of the Noble Alliance forces or their local provincial army as soon as possible.

Imperial Chronicle - Issue 2

[Breaking] Noble Alliance Forces Keep Winning!

The alliance's work to eliminate rebellious elements all over the country is proceeding smoothly. Very smoothly, in fact, with the latest official announcement reporting that sixty percent of the country is now under their control.

One Victory After Another

I went to interview some of the soldiers on the ground in the western front about the ongoing battles. Standing in their base, it was easy to feel overwhelmed by the sight of countless Soldats and state-of-the-art military airships lined up. I'd heard much about how superior the Noble Alliance forces were to the rebels in terms of the quality and amount of weaponry and vehicles they have, but seeing them all in person, I finally understood that all I'd heard was completely true.

The commanding officer I spoke to had inspiring words about the war itself as well. 'The armored divisions of the former Imperial Army may have been elite, but they no longer have a good cause to fight for. Now they're simply a disorganized rabble.'

Furthermore, the beloved General Aurelia Le Guin and Brigadier General Wallace Bardias are both heroically fighting on the front lines with their armies at their side. Needless to say, morale is astonishingly high.

'We, however, DO have a good cause to fight for... and because of that,' the commanding officer continued, there is absolutely no chance we will be defeated.' 

Predictions for the Future

The alliance forces seem to have every intention of following through on their mission to wipe out the rebels.

With most of their numbers already defeated, the former Imperial Army soldiers remaining have spread throughout the land and in many areas are working with other rebels to worsen public order. I think I speak for everyone in saying that the complete elimination of such soldiers can't come soon enough.

[Society] Former Governor Regnitz Formally Arrested

The former Imperial governor of Heimdallr, Carl Regnitz, had already been apprehended on suspicion of treason, but he has now been arrested as a result of increasing evidence proving his guilt. His arrest means that now over 40 members of the Imperial government have been placed under arrest on charges of treason.

Even the person leading the investigation was unable to hide his surprise at just how many rebels had been participating in government affairs unnoticed all this time.

With more and more members of the Reformist Faction being found to be guilty of similar charges, we wouldn't be surprised if he had plenty more to arrest in the days to come.

[Incident] Beware Deception and Demonstrations

The army's press office has words of caution in light of the alarming number of demonstrations and false reports spreading across the Empire of late. In their latest statement, they warned, 'Supporting the former Imperial Army or sympathizing with their actions both constitute as treason. The best thing to do for now is ignore such degenerates.'

We sincerely trust that all of our readers will take heed of this advice and not pay attention to groundless rumors.

[Information] Train and Air Travel Update

Rail and air travel have gradually begun to resume as a result of the Noble Alliance's actions. However, the number of trains and airships in operation remain limited, and major inspections are being conducted at key stations in the interests of security. Passengers wishing to travel should expect delays. There is always the possibility that public transport will be halted again depending on future developments.

Citizens who have peerages will have priority when purchasing tickets, allowing them to travel more easily.

We're certain members of the nobility will enjoy making use of this well-deserved service.

Imperial Chronicle - Issue 3

[Breaking] The Pantagruel Tours the Nation!

The Noble Alliance's flagship, the Pantagruel, will reportedly be making a tour of the nation in order to help quell the fear that has been building across the Empire during these fragile times.

I can't help but feel fortunate that citizens all across Erebonia will be given the chance to bear witness to its majesty, as well as how even in the midst of war, the Noble Alliance has taken the time to care for the well-being of those caught up in it.

Step Towards Ending the War?

It's possible that the Pantagruel's tour may play a vital part in bringing the war to a conclusion. The Noble Alliance has been in a hurry to end it, making it a distinct possibility that this latest development may have another purpose beyond finally giving our fellow Erebonian countrymen reason to celebrate.

One noble from the Lamare Province certainly thinks so, telling us, 'Such a tour is sure to raise morale among the alliance's troops. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it resulted in accelerated victories across the country.'

Will the Imperial Family be on board?

A small number of reports have been suggesting that in addition to Noble Alliance Supreme Commander Duke Cayenne and Chief of Staff Lord Rufus Albarea, members of the Imperial family will be on board the flagship during the tour as well. All evidence has pointed towards them resting privately until now, but this may prove to be an opportunity for them to speak to and calm the men and women of the nation.

Having only recently been the victims of a rebellion by their subjects, we of the Imperial Chronicle wouldn't blame the Imperial family for being disappointed in the rebels, but perhaps they may even use this chance to demonstrate their boundless love for their people and call upon the rebels to surrender.

[Society] The Nation's Economy Stabilizing?

The nation's economy has been in chaos for some time due to goods being unable to move freely around the country, but the Ministry of Finance has announced a gradual improvement to the situation as more regions come under the Noble Alliance's wing. They could not, however, rule out the possibility of additional wartime taxes, leading to cries of despair from certain parts of the citizenry.

[Breaking] Another Battle in the West

Western Erebonia has been a hotbed for conflict since the beginning of the war, but the Noble Alliance forces have warned that the coast of the Lamare Province is likely to soon become the center of yet another large-scale battle. Upon reaching out for comment, a spokesman for the alliance forces said, 'Several rebel forces have joined together and seem to be planning to launch an attack against us. We intend to dispatch them with all of our military strength.'

We strongly recommend that residents in those areas evacuate as soon as possible.

[Incident] A Strange Knight Appears in the West?

We have received reports that the Kreuzen Provincial Army clashed against a mysterious large weapon resembling the alliance's own Azure Knight. The alliance believes it to be an inferior imitation of the Azure Knight and is increasing security while trying to pinpoint its current whereabouts.

Imperial Chronicle - Issue 4

[Breaking] Noble Alliance Dominates in the West!

Excellent news has come in from the western front, stating that the Noble Alliance was overwhelmingly victorious in their recent battle and has forced the former Imperial Army to retreat significantly. This marks a landmark achievement in the alliance's ongoing efforts to put a stop to the rebels.

The army's press information center has issued a  statement that half of the former Imperial Army forces in the west have been extinguished, and those that remain are on the run. Thanks to our brave souls in the west, the Empire's return to glory appears to be closer than ever.

Ferocious Week-Long Battle

The battle was started by the former Imperial Army, which amassed a force of over 300 heavily-armored tanks and plunged the nearby area into chaos. The elite Le Guin and Bardias armies set out to rout them, and at noon on December 6th, the battle finally began.

It was clear from the beginning that General Le Guin and Brigadier General Bardias had the advantage, stunning both friend and foe alike with their indomitable strength.

Realizing the odds were against them, the rebels tried all manner of cowardly tricks and stalling tactics to prolong the battle, leading to it dragging out for an entire week.

What brought their futile resistance to an end was a pincer attack mounted by the two armies. The military press office reports that this was not originally planned, but they were able to work together in near-perfect harmony, eventually doing away with those among the rebel forces.

Perhaps what stands out most about their latest achievement is how little damage the two armies sustained. It's difficult not to be awed by the sheer skill demonstrated, and personally speaking, I'm eager to hear more about their magnificent exploits in the future.

The Azure Knight Astounds All

The Noble Alliance's elite Azure Knight also took part in the battle. Reports note its appearance in particularly difficult battles as it deftly turned them around in the alliance's favor. All details regarding it remain classified, but eyewitnesses suggest that its capabilities are so 'out of this world' that it brought to mind the Great Knights of Erebonian legend.

With General Le Guin, Brigadier General Bardias, and the Azure Knight fighting on the same side, it's plain to see the Noble Alliance's overwhelming victory as anything other than an inevitability.

The End is in Sight

With the battle over and three more cities subjugated as a result, the moment we citizens of Erebonia have been waiting for is soon approaching: the Noble Alliance's ever-decisive victory is near.

Reports suggest that the battle initially began near the coast in the Lamare Province, but as a result of the rebels retreating, it primarily took place farther inland.

While the number of refugees unfortunately kept growing over the course of battle, the height of danger never reached any densely populated areas, and as such, civilian casualties are currently thought to be minor.

[Society] Conflict Near the Twin Dragons Bridge

The lengthy conflict between the Kreuzen Provincial Army and the 4th Armored Division seems to be showing no signs of letting up. The 4th Armored Division was known as the strongest division of the former Imperial Army, but due to their continued resistance and refusal to stand down, the provincial army has had no choice but to label them as a rebel army, raising tensions to a new high in the area.

The 3rd Armored Division is also refusing to end its unlawful occupation of Zender Gate to the north and has yet to respond to repeated requests to disarm. Between these two divisions, it's likely that a state of confusion will remain in eastern Erebonia for some time to come.

[Politics] Imperial Government Negotiating with Crossbell?

There have recently been reports that say the Imperial government has reopened negotiations with Crossbell. One government source suggested: 'Crossbell's actions were cowardly and unforgivable, but that does not preclude us from negotiating with them.'

The demands in these negotiations are likely to include withdrawing the state's independence declaration, dismantling the Crossbell Defense Force and unfreezing Erebonian assets held by the International Bank of Crossbell. However, Crossbell's crimes are still fresh in the minds of Erebonia's citizens, and I think I speak for everyone in praying that the government will lead the negotiations with a firm hand.

[Incident] Courageous' Whereabouts Still Unknown

The Imperial family's cruiser, the Courageous, remains unseen since the outbreak of the war. Reports have suggested the airship is currently being used by a private group for an undisclosed purpose, but the Imperial family has been keen to remind the public that its current duties are in no way official, which may suggest that those aboard are guilty of no less than treason against the state. The Noble Alliance is urging any citizens with information on the ship's whereabouts to come forward.

Imperial Chronicle - Issue 5

The Twin Dragons Bridge in Rebel Hands

Our latest cables have suggested that one of the Kreuzen Province's main bases is now in the hands of the former Imperial Army's 4th Armored Division. The division is said to be pushing for the immediate 'liberation' of the capital, a demand which has been fiercely criticized by the Kreuzen Provincial Army. Further conflict in the region seems likely in the days to come.

Visit to Celdic

The Twin Dragons Bridge was not the only place in the region to fall into enemy hands. The nearby town of Celdic, widely known as a trading hub, has been occupied by rebel forces. But for you, dear reader, I have risked life and limb, crossing behind enemy lines to offer a picture of life under the brutal heel of the enemy.

'Actually, the change of control played out rather calmly,' said one member of the Septian Church, much to my surprise. Several other citizens informed me that there had been no casualties among them due to the provincial army leaving the area before any battle could take place.

In fact, life in the town seemed strangely normal, with even the Grand Market operating on its usual schedule and residents out and about to enjoy some midday shopping. I asked one merchant what she thought the biggest problem facing the town right now was. 'Without a doubt, it's that with this war on, the Grand Market has become a shadow of its former glory. The fighting can't end soon enough for me,' she replied. All in all, things appear surprisingly stable, but it's difficult to say how long this will remain the case. Those considering a visit would be well advised to remain vigilant while in town.

[Breaking] Marquis Rogner Declares Neutrality

We've received information stating that Marquis Rogner, one of the leading members of the Noble Alliance, has made a sudden declaration of neutrality and withdrawn from the group. In the wake of this shocking revelation, we've reached out to the Noble Alliance's own chief of staff, Rufus Albarea, and he has kindly granted us an exclusive interview.

Interviewer: The fall of the Twin Dragons Bridge is still fresh in the minds of the nation, but we've been hearing reports that Marquis Rogner has withdrawn from the Noble Alliance. Is there any truth to these rumors?

Chief of Staff Rufus Albarea (henceforth Lord Albarea): I must apologize for the uncertainty this matter must have roused within the general public. Allow me to clarify the matter here by confirming that this is indeed the case.

Interviewer: Shocking! But wouldn't that mean the situation is likely to take a turn for the worse for the Noble Alliance's efforts in eastern Erebonia?!

Lord Albarea: Not at all. I imagine a journalist as well informed as yourself has a good idea how many rebels remain in that part of the country.

Interviewer: It's true that all the reports have suggested the vast majority have been eliminated...

Lord Albarea: Precisely. The current situation was always within the realm of possibility, and nothing about it calls the Noble Alliance's dominance into question. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if His Grace Marquis Rogner had a change of heart and returned to the alliance in short order.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Lord Albarea for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions so clearly and concisely. At the end of our interview, he took my hand and asked for my cooperation in helping bring about a bright future for Erebonia. I was truly honored to meet a man who so embodies the dignity of the nobility.

[Society] Marquis Hyarms Sends Aid

Marquis Hyarms has taken steps to recognize and deal with the ongoing refugee problem by offering aid to displaced citizens in his domain, the Sutherland Province. When questioned by a journalist from this publication about his motives, he simply responded, 'As head of one of the Four Great Houses, I have a duty to use my power to help people in need.' He went on to pledge further aid in the future if and when the need arises.

The citizens of the Sutherland Province clearly owe their deepest thanks to His Grace the Marquis for his bountiful kindness and generosity. His gesture is certain to go a long way toward inspiring all people to come together and support each other during these difficult times.

[Incident] Neutral Force on the Western Front?

News is spreading that a mysterious group calling itself the Winds of Freedom have begun appearing in western Erebonia. They are currently believed to be asserting their neutrality while aiding civilians caught up in the region's conflicts. These and other activities seem to support that claim, but their true objective remains unknown. The Noble Alliance, however, has been urging citizens to be wary of the strange group, as there remains a very real possibility that it may be a criminal organization with malicious ulterior motives.

Imperial Chronicle - Issue 6

[Breaking] Battle for Heimdallr?! Tensions Mount

We've received word that the 3rd and 4th Armored Divisions, regarded as rebels, have called for residents of the areas surrounding Heimdallr to evacuate if possible. Sources have suggested that both divisions are attempting to launch a decisive battle for control of the city, causing tensions to build on the outskirts of the capital.

Nothing to Fear

Meanwhile, the Noble Alliance forces are well prepared to defend the capital, presenting themselves as an all but insurmountable obstacle for the rebels. One officer in charge of a Soldats platoon commented, 'If that's what they're planning, they're welcome to try! It's high time we wiped out those rebel scumbags once and for all.'

Meanwhile, the armies of General Le Guin and Brigadier General Bardias, both with countless victories to their names, have gathered in Heimdallr and are expected to take part in the coming battle. Current intelligence suggests that the rebel forces are not as well supplied as those of the Noble Alliance, and so any such battle is unlikely to last more than a day or two at most.

We ask the citizens of Erebonia not to fear and to believe that the overwhelming odds in the Noble Alliance's favor will speed them to a well-earned victory.

Effect on Public Transport

Should a battle break out, it is expected that all train and airship service would be suspended. When questioned, a member of the Ministry of Railways responded, 'Ensuring the safety of our passengers is paramount to us, and as such, we would have no choice but to suspend service until we could offer such a guarantee again.' This publication suggests that all citizens planning to travel keep a close eye on the national news and, preferably, avoid all nonessential travel altogether until the rebel forces have been quelled.

[Crime] Duke Albarea Arrested?!

The ruling lord of the Kreuzen Province, Duke Albarea, appears to have been arrested on suspicion of a number of crimes. He stands accused of arson, inciting disorder, and the willful harm of Erebonian citizens, among other charges. Perhaps the most damning indictment is the charge of setting fire to Celdic, but we must reiterate that no evidence has been found against the duke, and thus he remains innocent until proven guilty.

Nonetheless, his arrest has led to a wave of confusion spreading across the provincial capital of Bareahard as the region is effectively left without a governing head.

Trusted sources have also informed us that he has been summarily expelled from the alliance, which had no part in instigating any of the illegal actions he is alleged to have taken.

[Breaking] More Trouble in Crossbell?

Reports have begun to pour in about another helping of trouble for the beleaguered Crossbell. The accounts are vague and fragmentary, but all suggest a blue light has appeared on the eastern side of the country along with a gigantic tree. We'll bring you more on this emerging story as it develops.

However, there's a strong possibility this represents yet another new weapon being developed in secret by the rogue state--a weapon that might be turned against the Empire in an invasion attempt. Those living near the border are advised to remain alert.

[Breaking] Western Front in Chaos

The battle for western Erebonia was thought to have been all but won, but a setback has apparently emerged in the form of the previously missing 7th Armored Division. The division is working in tandem with the avowedly neutral group 'Winds of Freedom' and is calling on the Noble Alliance's forces to cease hostilities. The alliance forces, meanwhile, have just begun the final phase of their plan to neutralize the opposition in the west, and they are now warning the group that any attempt to obstruct their work will be regarded as treason. Furthermore, reports have suggested that the remnants of the former Imperial Army are beginning to reassemble, bringing even greater confusion to a region already battered by war.

[Breaking] Strange Happenings in Trista

Eyewitness reports point to trouble in the picturesque town of Trista, just a short way from Heimdallr, with sightings of large numbers of students there claiming to be on a leave of absence from their studies. In all likelihood, this is the work of seditious elements, and the Noble Alliance fully intends to conduct a thorough investigation at a later time.

[Notice] From the Editors

With the war reaching perhaps its most fevered pitch, many of our readers are likely feeling more than a little nervous--understandably so. We would like to advise those living in or near the capital to remain apprised of current events and to try and remain calm in the case of an emergency. We can only hope that the war's final days are soon to come, as it is the humble opinion of this paper that any further expansion of the war would only harm the strength of this great nation. (Chief Editor)

Crossbell Times - Special Issue

[Special Issue] Crossbell's Autonomy is No More

Today on this 14th of January 1205, Henry MacDowell, provisional mayor of Crossbell and acting representative of the state government, signed an agreement ceding ownership of Crossbell to the Erebonian Empire, bringing Crossbell State's 70-year history to an abrupt end.

Provisional Mayor MacDowell was visibly shaken and teary-eyed as he emerged from the signing. When pressed for comment, he simply stated, 'I have never felt such shame,' before exiting the room. Shortly afterward, Crossbell's diet also proclaimed its dissolution, and Crossbellans far and wide could be seen offering silent prayers of mourning for the country's autonomy.

For its part, the Imperial government vows to protect the safety of Crossbell's people, and it has established a new government which will govern the territory from here on.

Analysis - Were Erebonia's Actions Justified?

In light of recent events, this question is likely on the lips of every Crossbellan citizen. We at the Crossbell Times have attempted to chronicle the events that led us here and provide you, dear readers, with an answer.

[1. Crossbell's Actions] In October 1204, the then-mayor of Crossbell, Dieter Crois, illegally manipulated public opinion to gain support for the establishment of the Independent State of Crossbell. At the same time, in an attempt to force other nations to recognize the legitimacy of this power play, the International Bank of Crossbell froze all of its international assets.

[2. The Empire's Response] The Erebonian Empire strongly condemned these actions, and, insisting that Crossbell had long been Erebonian territory, mounted an armed invasion of the state. This culminated in Erebonia's attempt to fire upon Crossbell City with its railway guns.

[3. Crossbell's Reaction] President Dieter Crois took action, using a newly-developed weapon to prevent the railway guns from damaging the city and destroy Garrelia Fortress to also prevent them from being fired again.

[4. Chaos in Crossbell] Shortly after, President Crois' legitimacy was called into question, and he was taken into custody by the police. His arrest brought the chaos in Crossbell to an end. After taking up the mayoral seat on a provisional basis, Mayor MacDowell revealed to the public the truth of what had occurred and set about rebuilding the state government. At this point, however, the Erebonian Empire launched a second invasion, which ultimately led to the annexation of Crossbell.

It cannot be denied that Crossbell's actions sparked the conflict with Erebonia, nor can it be questioned that our nation's forces attacked the Imperial Army. However, the Empire's response to these aggressions, including the attempted firing of their railway guns which could have  �     taken the lives of countless innocent civilians, cannot be considered anything less than excessive.

Furthermore, Crossbell took responsibility for the arrest of its former president Dieter Crois, as well as retracted its declaration of independence. While we freely admit our nation's wrongdoings, it is very hard to argue that the Erebonian Empire's invasion, occupation, and annexation of our nation was at all justified. Doubly so in light of the nation's attempts to put things right.

The Erebonian Empire continues to insist that Crossbell was its territory from the beginning, and that their occupation was merely to protect us from the Republic of Calvard. However, given the way things have unfolded, that explanation rings hollow to many Crossbellans.

Just who owns Crossbell, and how should it be run?

These are questions we will have to ask ourselves anew in the days to come.

Tensions Remain at Tangram Gate

Ever since the Republic of Calvard declared Crossbell's annexation by Erebonia invalid, Tangram Gate, situated on our eastern border, has been a hotbed of violence and political unrest. The Calvardian attempts at invasion have been repeatedly staved off by the Imperial Army's armored divisions stationed at the gate, but they show no signs of stopping.

These large-scale battles have filled the hearts of the Crossbellan public with fear, but spokesmen for the Imperial Army have urged people to remain calm. The army vows to deploy its most powerful weapon, the Ashen Knight, alongside its Panzer Soldats in order to bring the conflict to a swift and decisive end.

[Letter from the Editors] Under this Wintry Sky

On this icy January day, we have become citizens of the Imperial Territory of Crossbell. It's not a change that's come about uncontested, and it's one that's sure to cause arguments for years to come. How could it not? Our new government will change life as we knew it significantly.

While our nation may have lost its autonomy, as people, we are unchanged. We are still people with free will. People who think and feel for themselves. People who can envision what we want our future to be.

No matter where the seat of power lies or who sits upon it, this is still our home. We will keep thinking, keep feeling, and keep dreaming of a better future, regardless of what lies in store for us. (Crossbell Times Editorial Staff)

Imperial Chronicle - Issue 7

[News Flash] Congratulations on Crossbell's Annexation!

Lord Rufus Albarea, best known as the man who led the Erebonian forces which moved on Crossbell, became the first governor general of Crossbell during a ceremony held at Orchis Tower, which will henceforth be the territory's new center of government. Albarea swore to work towards a stable society and build a new government, one completely different from those that came before. His speech was met with cheering and thunderous applause.

Universal Rejoicing in Crossbell

There wasn't a frown to be seen in Crossbell City today, with its citizens unanimously overjoyed to be incorporated into the Erebonian Empire. 'It's like a dream come true!' said one 23-year-old woman.

Others were more reserved in their celebration, happy to join of the Empire but remorseful for Crossbell's actions. 'We must have caused the Erebonian people a lot of stress,' lamented one self-employed man I spoke to. It seems the annexation has brought about a new era of self-awareness for the people of the newly-declared territory.

Working Together with Erebonia

Crossbell has long prospered as a result of having one of the largest merchant cities on the continent, and its inclusion into the Empire should only grant it greater prosperity. Wasting no time after returning to his position, Chancellor Osborne announced on the same day as the annexation that he would introduce new policies to support the territory's economic growth. Governor General Rufus Albarea looked more than happy to hear the news, and the two capped off the meeting with an enthusiastic handshake to rapturous applause.

The annexation of Crossbell is bound to bring about a bright future for the people of Erebonia, and we here at the Imperial Chronicle are united in supporting its future development.

[Economy] Crossbell Sparks Economic Turnaround

Ever since to the annexation of Crossbell, national economic indicators have been on the rise. There are several contributing factors, of course, including Imperial Governor Carl Regnitz's announcement that Heimdallr has returned to normalcy and large corporations like the  �     Reinford Group resuming their exports, but many cite Crossbell as the turning point. Some analysts even argue that the pre-war economy has already been surpassed.

Furthermore, the capital is likely to see a massive influx of tax revenue from Crossbell, which many economic analysts predict will lead to unprecedented levels of prosperity. One economic pundit commented, 'With Crossbell under its wing, Erebonia's economy is likely to reach greater heights than ever before. It wouldn't be hyperbole to call Erebonia as it stands a superpower.'

[Society] The Ashen Knight Overwhelms the Republican Army!

Rean Schwarzer, the hero who brought the civil war to an end, still has a few tricks up his sleeve--which he proved by single-handedly repelling the Republican Army! The 18-year-old Mr. Schwarzer is a student at a prestigious military academy as well as the only person capable of piloting the cutting-edge Ashen Knight. His achievements quickly drew the eye of the armed forces, and one high-ranking army staff member even says that they are considering giving him special treatment upon graduation to hasten his path to becoming a military officer.

This young man's future seems exceptionally bright, but the military's been doing what it can to keep his light hidden. Nearly all information on him and his whereabouts is classified, and interviews with him are strictly prohibited.

[Politics] Special Meeting of the Provincial Council

Another meeting of the Provincial Council is planned for the end of this month. Marquis Rogner, Marquis Hyarms, and Crossbell governor general Lord Rufus Albarea are all set to attend. The meeting will deal with the aftermath of the war and the treatment of Duke Cayenne and Duke Albarea, both of whose questioning has now formally begun.

The council has said that they will also 'issue a statement' regarding the ongoing confusion in Ordis, where a splinter group of Noble Alliance forces continues to enforce its rule. Many have taken this as a sign that they may bring that situation there to an end.

[Life] Let's Get the New Year to a Good Start!

1204 had its share of ups and downs, but 1205 is finally here. The start of a new year is always a good chance to put the past behind us and start afresh, so here are a few tips for welcoming the new year in a positive way and work toward making it a good one.

1. Sort your belongings. This is a great opportunity to throw away all the unneeded clutter building up around you. Don't forget to get some cleaning in, either!

2. Set at least one new goal for yourself to achieve in the year ahead. Having goals makes you feel more positive.

3. Be sure to give back to the people who helped you last year. Why not send them a card? That's sure to leave a positive impression!

4. Last but not least, be sure to get plenty of rest! Last year's civil war took an exhausting toll on all of us, so much so that a large number of people in the capital claim to have witnessed a collective hallucination.

Get those thoughts out of your head and start the year off healthy by sleeping well and sleeping often!

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