The IBC, short for International Bank of Crossbell (クロスベル国際銀行(こくさいぎんこう)), is a large banking organisation in Crossbell City.


The IBC manages the vast quantities of money flowing into Crossbell and supports the economies of nations across the continent. The IBC's interests extend beyond banking, too. In addition to providing most of the funding for the Epstein Foundation's Orbal Network Project, the bank manages theme parks and other similar diversions.[1]

The IBC is the largest organisation of Zemuria in terms of assets, followed by Reinford Group.[2]


  • Bills (gateman)
  • Corrina (receptionist)
  • Paul (guard)
  • Wang (guard)
  • Lanfei (receptionist)


  • Rizero (trader)


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  2. The Reinford Group: Past to Present.

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