The Hexen Clan (魔女の眷(ヘクセンブリード)) is an ancient clan of witches operating in Erebonia.


The bloodline is tasked with watching over the fragments of the Great Power, the Divine Knights, and guiding the Awakeners to their respective Divine Knight. They do so to re-enact the War of the Lions for the purpose of an overarching, unspecified system possibly related to a Sept-Terrion. After each iteration of this war, the witches are tasked with erasing the knowledge of the Divine Knights from the people's minds.

Around the time of the Great Collapse, the Hexen Clan worked closely with the gnomes in order to accomplish something.

List of witches

Below is a list of known witches. Between brackets is each supporting familiar.


  • Hexen means "witches" in German, or alternatively "to practice witchcraft" when written in lower-case.

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