The Hexen Clan (魔女の眷(ヘクセンブリード)) is an ancient clan of witches operating in Erebonia.


The bloodline is tasked with watching over the fragments of the Great Power, the Divine Knights, and guiding the Awakeners to their respective Divine Knight. They do so to re-enact the War of the Lions for the purpose of an overarching, unspecified system possibly related to a Sept-Terrion. After each iteration of this war, the witches are tasked with erasing the knowledge of the Divine Knights from the people's minds.

Around the time of the Great Collapse, the Hexen Clan worked closely with the gnomes in order to accomplish something.

List of witches

Below is a list of known witches. Between brackets is each supporting familiar.

Known Incantations

Below is a list of known incantations used by the Hexen shown through the games.

  • Lux solis medicuri eum ('Heal him, sunlight'); Initially shown by Emma during the second field study to Bareahard when Rean got injured on his arm during a fight. This incantation appeals to the sun and has shown stronger healing proficiency over Orbal Arts.
  • Aperio ('Open'); A simple lockpicking spell first shown by Emma during the second field trip to Bareahard to open the locked door to the Underground Waterway.
  • Flamma ('Flame'); A simple incantation shown by Emma during a bonding event to put a candle on fire. This spell was performed by Emma using a wand.
  • Phantasmagoria ('Resound, resound, O voice everlasting... Rend Night's silent veil and reveal unto all the beautiful world!'); One of Vita's incantations used during the ending of Trails of Cold Steel 1 to show the students of Thors the events of Osborne's assassination and the following ascent and reveal of the Noble Faction with Panzer Soldats. This incantation possibly shows what Grianos sees through it's eyes.
  • Fenestram Phantasma ('Open, phantasmal window'); Assumedly a variation of Phantasmagoria shown by Vita in Trails of Cold Steel 2 to create a direct channel between Class VII in Ymir and Duke Cayenne who is aboard the Pantagruel. The difference between this incantation and Phantasmagoria is that it is less channeled towards specific people and doesn't need Grianos to be the eyes of the spell.
  • Astral Projection a simple technique frequently used by Vita where he existence is projected through Grianos, frequently used in-game by her to talk to Class VII.
  • Audite sermonem meum. ('Listen to my words.'); A simple incantation used by Emma locking her eyes (without glasses) to hypnotise people. In-game used to bypass the security check entering Bareahard in Trails of Cold Steel 2 and the security of Trails of Cold Steel 3.
  • Spiritual Guidance. ('Oh, Spirit Vein... Calm the chaos of this land by the guidance of my mana...'); Used by Emma in a bonding event where she is shown trying to rouse the ley lines around Lunaria Nature Park to settle down.
  • ??? ('Shrine of radiance, crafted by the gnomes... by the hand of the spirits, open your doors, and guide us to the proving grounds'); Used by Celine to open the path to the center of a Spirit Shrine.
  • Savant Valse A technique that allows members of the Hexen Clan to pour a large amount of mana into their familiar, shown by Vita using this on Grianos in the final Spirit Shrine.
  • Lucifen Lied see:Lucifen Lied



  • Hexen means "witches" in German, or alternatively "to practice witchcraft" when written in lower-case.