The Great Collapse (大崩壊, daihoukai) is a catastrophic event affecting the entire continent of Zemuria that led to the destruction of the ancient Zemurian civilisation and plunged survivors into a dark age of ruin. The event marks the end of the Pre-Septian Calendar and the start of the Septian Calendar.

The Congregation for the Sacraments of the Septian Church is tasked with the retrieval of artifacts, orbal relics from before the Great Collapse, on which the post-Orbal Revolution orbal technology is based. However, the development of orbal arts were far superior before the Great Collapse.

Among the ancient dragons that lived before the Great Collapse, only Ragnard is known to have survived into the Septian Calendar era.

Causation hypotheses

Trial of the Goddess

The Congregation for Divine Worship of the Septian Church has theorised that the Great Collapse might have been a trial by Aidios, the Goddess in the Sky. The purpose of the theorised trial is to stimulate mankind to develop new perspectives on life. During the dark ages that followed after the Great Collapse, mankind learnt to understand the infinite cycles of life, such as the cycle from day to night, summer to winter, and from seed to harvest. The Septian Church believes that with each turn, the world became a better place for mankind.

Natural Disaster

While no specifics were given, some inhabitants of Zemuria assume the Great Collapse was a huge natural disaster.

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