Blue Gnosis (Zero)

Blue Gnosis.

Gnosis (グノーシス) is a nostrum made from Pleroma Grass that enhances its user's physical and mental abilities as well as draw out other latent abilities.


Red Gnosis (Zero)

Red Gnosis.

Gnosis was originally developed by the Crossbellan alchemists and founders of the D∴G Cult in S.700. The Cult members believed that by taking Gnosis, they would share their knowledge with the Zero Child. Once enough knowledge was granted to reach wisdom, the Zero Child would manifest as the Cult's true goddess, Demiourgos.

Red Gnosis

Although biochemically identical, the more recent development of Red Gnosis, presumably by using the rarer Red Pleroma as its base ingredient, allows its user to turn into a demon through a process called Demonisation (魔人化(デモナイズ)).

In addition to a physical metamorphosis, it also allows may grant its user access to supernatural perception and knowledge. This is a fragment of the power once harboured by the Sept-Terrion of Mirage, Demiourgos.

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