Georg Weissmann (ゲオルグ・ワイスマン, georugu waisuman), also known under his aliases The Faceless (白面, hakumen), Professor (教授, kyouju) and alter ego Professor Alba (アルバ教授, aruba-kyouju), was a former bishop of the Septian Church who served as the Third Anguis of Ouroboros until his assassination in S.1203. He instigated the Hundred Days War between Erebonia and Liberl and led the Gospel Plan that led up to the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon.



Georg Weissmann was born and raised in North Ambria. At the age of 13, the Pillar of Salt incident hit North Ambria's capital Haliask and killed both his parents in the process. During the Septian Church's involvement in the re-construction of North Ambria as a state, Weissmann was taken in by the Church.

Septian Church

Weissmann quickly thereafter became devoted to the Septian Church. At the age of 18, he assumed office in the Congregation for the Sacraments and was promoted to bishop in S.1190 at the age of 23. In is position as bishop he gained access to the Church's Apocrypha and in them discovered the mysteries of the Stigma, an inexplicable phenomenon among the Gralsritter's secretive division that endlessly fascinated Weissmann.

In his pursuit to re-create the Stigma for his own benefits, i.e. creating a personal military unit of "superhumans" (超人, choujin), he started looking for the Sept-Terrion, almighty gifts bestowed upon humanity by Aidios. Aiming for the Aureole, a Sept-Terrion situated in Liberl, Weissmann manipulated the Imperial government of Erebonia into employing a specific Jaeger guild to attack Hamel. The attack, now known as the Tragedy of Hamel, led to the Hundred Days War. Erebonia's attempt to annex Liberl, however, ended prematurely through Cassius Bright's intervention and Weissmann's plan to unearth the Aureole was unsuccessful.

His attempts at re-creating the Stigma, a practice strictly forbidden by the Septian Church, were discovered and verified in S.1195. Weissmann was excommunicated from the Church.


Around that time he was invited by the Grandmaster to assume office as the Third Anguis at Ouroboros.

Gospel Plan

In S.1202, Georg Weissmann set about completing the Gospel Plan. He first lured Cassius Bright out of the county with Campanella's help and then used Alan Richard, the Intelligence Division and other susceptible people to create a scenario that would accomplish the breaking of the first seal located underneath Grancel Castle.

After the first seal was unlocked, Georg Weissmann encountered Joshua Bright again at the park behind the shopping mall. There he congratulated him for becoming a Senior Bracer and when Joshua confronted him on his true identity, he showed his true colors to him. After some more talking, Georg restored Joshua's memories and freed him from the Organisation. Georg then taunted him some more by mentioning on how he betrayed the Brights, and invited him back to Ouroboros, if he so wished.

He then left to prepare for the next phase of the plan.

Liberl Ark Plan

Later that year, Georg met up with Campanella, Leonhardt and the other members cooperating on the plan to proceed with the next phase.


Ironically, Georg Weissmann was fated for failure and ended up dying in the same way as his parents, via an arrow crafted from the same Salt Pale that killed them.


Georg Weissman was a cruel and calculating individual. However, originally, his personality was that of a good, kind kid, until the horrors of the Salt Pale Incident took away his home and family. With no place to go but the Church, Georg soon became obsessed with the endless possibilities of the Sept-Terrion and the mysteries behind the Divergent Laws. It is even appropriate to say that he was mystified by the Salt Pale and it corrupted him.

After that, Georg took on a darker persona. He became evil, sadistic and obsessed with his experiments. He became ruthless and was willing to do anything to uncover the mysteries of the Zemurian Civilization. He also sought power more than anything else.

Georg was also good at faking sympathy and acting kind. After he joined the Organisation, he earned his nickname "Faceless" because nobody could see his true face and because he could erase himself from people's memories.

Georg also often employed help from both suspecting and unsuspecting people alike for most of his plans.


Meeting Estelle and Joshua

In Trails in the Sky FC, Georg Weissmann is the secret main antagonist of the game. He is seen taking on the alias of Professor Alba and is first introduced when Estelle and Joshua Bright discover him after arriving at the top of Esmelas tower in the course of escorting Nial Burns and Dorothy Hyatt for a newspaper article. After introducing himself and giving a brief description of his job and what he was doing there, he gives Estelle and Joshua some brief history on the tower. In the course of his explanation though, Joshua begins to feel sick around him and the group takes a break. After Joshua recovers, Estelle and Joshua escort Professor Alba back to Rolent.

As Professor Alba

Georg Weissmann as Professor Alba is then seen again at various points around the story encountering Estelle and Joshua at the various other towers.He then helps out Estelle and Joshua during Albert Russell's kidnapping by explaining that he saw the men that kidnapped Albert heading to Carnelia Tower. He also helps in getting Estelle and Joshua to Grancel when they have trouble at a checkpoint.

Martial Arts Tournament

Georg Weissmann as Professor Alba can then be seen at the museum in Grancel for the rest of the game and he even comes to cheer Estelle and Joshua on during the finals of the Martial Arts Tournament.

Queen's Birthday Celebration

During the Queen's Birthday Celebrations - after the coup d'etat was stopped, Georg Weissmann as Professor Alba is seen encountering Joshua outside the Grancel department store. Alba initially tries to start off with a friendly conversation with Joshua and even congratulates him for attaining full Bracer status, but Joshua has already figured him out by then.

As Joshua explains his reasoning,he addresses Alba as the true culprit behind all of the strange events that have been plaguing Liberl. Alba laughs and praises Joshua for his deductive prowess. He then confesses that he was the culprit and reveals his true evil persona. Alba then snaps his fingers and undoes the brainwashing that he had performed on Joshua and restores his memories.

Remembering everything, Joshua draws his blades and pulls back addressing Alba by his true title as "Weissmann the Faceless." Georg calmly also addresses Joshua by his true title as well and states that Leonhardt would be happy to hear that Joshua still remembered him. Joshua asks if he is here to kill him, but Weissmann responds that it is none of that sort and that he just came because he had some free time now that the first phase of their plan had been completed. After listening to Joshua's angry outbursts and questions, Weissmann states that if he wants to know then he should maybe rejoin the organisation.

Joshua glares at him, but Weissmann states that he is just joking as he is aware that Joshua has a family now and offers him "true" freedom from the organization. He then congratulates Joshua for the fine work that he did over the years, and when Joshua shows confusion, Weissmann reveals that Joshua has been unknowingly acting as a spy for him and had been regularly updating him with info on Cassius Bright without his knowledge. He then torments Joshua a bit more, by talking about how he has betrayed the Brights and that it might be hard for him to live with them from now on. Weissmann then calls Joshua his greatest creation and tells him to come back to Ouroboros if it gets too much for him.

Weissmann then walks off and bumps into Estelle who is coming back with ice-cream for herself and Joshua. Seeing her, Weissmann strikes up a conversation with her and congratulates her for becoming a full bracer. Estelle then notes that Alba/Weissmann is seemingly very happy, Weissmann lies and says that it is because he made some advances in his research. Noticing that her ice-cream is about to melt, Estelle says good-bye and runs off back to Joshua. As Estelle runs off, Weissmann puts on a smirk and says that Cassius' daughter is going to be a lot of fun to torment. Weissmann is not seen after this.

Meeting Campanella

In Trails in the Sky SC, Georg Weissmann officially takes on the role of the main antagonist. He is first introduced near the end of the prologue, when he interrupts a conversation between Campanella and Leonhardt. He then approaches and greets Campanella. Weissmann first thanks Campanella for delaying Cassius Bright and Campanella responds by mentioning how she had reviewed his plan and states that his new plan seems fun. Weissmann thanks her for the compliment and mentions how everyone else involved with the plan have their own plans as well.

After talking a bit more with the pair, Weissman welcomes Campanella to enjoy herself by watching his plan unfold, and Campanella states that she is looking forward to it.


  • His surname is composed of the German words for "to know" / "white" (weiss, usually spelled as weiß) and "man" (Mann).

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