General Manager Neston (ネストン支配人(しはいにん)) is the owner of the Department Store - Times at Central Square, Crossbell City.


He was entrusted with the department store by Mayor Henry MacDowell and has been working ever since to live up to the Mayor's expectations. Since his acquaintance with the MacDowell family, he tends to treat Elie MacDowell as a VIP.

He and his employees act according to his motto, "a tender smile attracts their hearts" and "to run a department store is to entertain the customer". General Manager Neston is widely known in both the financial and political world.

General Manager Neston is dedicated to his work. He is constantly innovating the formula, interior and hand-picked product line of the department store to deliver the best possible customer service. The rapidly changing of Crossbell City's townscape motivated General Manager Neston to remodel the department store in S.1203. He scouted Receptionist Cynthia in a department store in Remiferia and had her transferred to Times.