Fie Claussell (フィー・クラウゼル), also known as Sylphid (西風の妖精(シルフィード)()), is a bracer at the Imperial Bracer Guild, a former member of Thors Military Academy's Class VII and former member of the jaeger corps Zephyr.


Fie is a quiet girl who doesn't take a strong interest in many things. She doesn't focus much on studying, and tends to slack off by sleeping anywhere around the school. Nevertheless as she was raised as a Jaeger, Fie is more focused and serious on the battlefield.


A girl with no family or friends, she wandered until she came upon Zephyr, a Jaeger Corps group who claimed to be undefeatable and on par with its rival group, the Red Constellation. Fie was found and raised by Rutger Claussell, the leader of Zephyr known as the Jaeger King. Living the life of a Jaeger, she has become highly skilled in combat, and is well-regarded for her physical abilities, being the agile fighter she is.

Thors Military Academy

After the leaders of each group had fallen, the disbandment of both groups leaves Fie estranged. After some time wandering she is found by Sara Valestein, who recovers her, and soon she is enrolled in Thors Military Academy where Sara teaches.

While she initially comes into conflict with Laura, as someone who lived a completely different lifestyle from her, the two eventually become close friends, and she does a lot of growing up by participating in school life by various things such as practices and clubs.


After the Erebonian Civil War and graduating from Thors Military Academy in S.1205, Fie started working as a bracer. With the guidance of Sara Valestein and Toval Randonneur, she reaches the rank of full bracer at the young age of 16. Ever since she's been working alongside Sara.

Character Notes

Fie Claussell
Fie Claussell Note (Sen) Year 1 Class VII Gardening Club
A quiet and petite girl who somewhat resembles a cat and loves sleeping. Agile and skilled at combat.
Jaeger Member

When Fie was younger, she used to be a member of a jaeger corps.


When she was a member of the Zephyr Corps, she went by the codename 'Sylphid' on the battlefield

Fie's Flowers

The flowers that Fie raised are herbs that symbolize familial love.

Fie Claussell
Fie Claussell Note (Sen II) Year 1 Class VII Gardening Club
Formerly of the Zephyr jeager corps. Uses her unnatural strength and agility to protect Class VII, her new family
The Truth

The other members of Zephyr left Fie behind after the corps' leader died. She wants to know why they did that.


She realized Class VII and Zephyr are different kinds of family to her, and resolved to grow strong to support them.

Zephyr's Goal

She found out that Zephyr's members are alive and well, and working to 'bring back' its leader.



  • Fie's bonding trophy/achievement in Trails of Cold Steel is titled "More Than a Fie-ling".
  • Fie's bonding trophy in Trails of Cold Steel II is titled "Jaeger Mister".