The Erebonian Empire (エレボニア帝国), sometimes written as Elebonia or the Elebonian Empire, is an empire located in western Zemuria. It is bordered by to the east by Crossbell and Calvard; to the south by Liberl; and to the north by the Nord Highlands. Its crest, the "Golden Stallion", represents the nation's ancient traditions and military powers.


Pre-Septian Calendar

Erebonia borrowed its name from Erebos, the deity of darkness. It is said the land was shrouded in darkness before the nation of Erebonia was founded. In this land lived two factions, each centred around a Sept-Terrion: the kinship of the Sept-Terrion of Blaze and Earth. The Sept-Terrion brought prosperity and peace to their factions for several hundreds of years until one day, they went to war with each other. Their guardians followed suit.

The treasures assumed the form of giants and the battle caused great calamities to the land. Realising the mistake they made, the factions made peace with each other. Their treasures, however, were locked in battle and continued for a thousand days until both exhausted the last of their strength. Their empty shells were flung to the furthest reaches of the land; the Blaze guardian ended up enshrined on Bryonia Island and the Earth guardian in Nord Highlands.

However, with their decisive blow, the powers of the two Sept-Terrion synthesized to form a new power, the Great One. Realising the power would be too great for mankind, the two factions collaborated with the Holy Beast to seal away the Great One. After several failed attempts, they decided to seal its essence in a higher plane: the Blaze faction split the Great One into seven fragments that were inserted into the seven shells constructed by the Earth faction. These became known as the Deus-Excellion.


Afterwards, the Blaze faction renamed themselves to Hexen Clan and the Earth faction to Gnomes. They continued to collaborate immediately after the Great Collapse to protect the land. As the faction started to live together and were joined by surrounding folk, they worked on the foundation of Erebonia.

Soon after the Great Collapse, poverty and distress among the populace raised the demand of a local leader, for whom the Holy Beast mediating Arnor bloodline was requested and setup as emperor in Heimdallr. Missionaries from the Septian Church visited and acknowledged the state and introduced faith as a novel method to communicate with Aidios. This led to the construction of the Heimdallr Cathedral under the reign of Sion Arnor, the third emperor, in S.81.


Around S.300, Heimdallr counted approximately 50.000 citizens that enjoyed the renaissance of culture. The period of peace and prosperity was brought to an abrupt end with the appearance of Dark Dragon Zoro-Agruga in S.371, which occupied Heimdallr and turned it into a necropolis by spreading its miasma. Emperor Astorius II and his people fled to the southern city of Saint-Arkh, which served as the imperial capital for the next century. Assisting the people in their escape, the Hexen Clan lost their elder and the Gnomes their Holy Beast.

Urged by the leader of the Gnomes and guided by Roselia, the new elder of the Hexen Clan, Emperor Hector I became the Awakener of the Vermillion Deus-Excellion, Testa-Rossa. Bolstering immense power and countless weapons, Hector I managed to fell Zoro-Agruga and reclaim Heimdallr. The miasma that emerged from the dying dragon, however, claimed the emperor's life and placed a curse upon Testa-Rossa. Hector's successor met with Roselia and the leader of the Gnomes to seal the cursed Deus Excellion underneath the Valflame Palace. Afterwards, the leader of the Gnomes declares to Roselia they would break contact with them and disappeared completely.

Warring Clans

Over the course of the next century and a half, the empire of Erebonia regained its stability. This period gave rise to powerful clans, each taking control of an imperial territory in the form of a province. The empire recognised them as nobility. These noble families engaged in small-scale conflicts in order to expand their territory and increase their influence. These conflicts escalated into battles for which Deus-Excellion (all but Testa-Rossa and Ishmelga) were awakened and deployed. The noble families with no Deus-Excellion in their possession saw their infantry crushed under the overwhelming strength of the enormous knights.

As a countermeasure, they resorted to the mages. The mages were a group of intellectuals that sought the glory and miracles of the ancient Zemurian civilsation in Erebonia during the Dark Ages and were obsessed with its revival. With the investment of the noble families, the mages developed Magic Knights to compete against the Deus-Excellion. After many defective prototypes that would only move when the spirit veins were stimulated, which worked out since that was what the Deus-Excellion were doing, the mages succeeded in creating what is considered the prototype to the Magic-Knights, Ol-Gadia, for an influential family that is no longer around in the north of Erebonia in S.527.


Erebonia is located in western Zemuria. It is bordered by to the east by Crossbell, separated by the Erebonia operated Garrelia Fortress, and Calvard; to the south by Liberl; and to the northeast by the Nord Highlands. It is bordered to the north along the Mountain Range of Eisengard and to the east by an ocean.


The current emperor of Erebonia is Eugent Reise Arnor III, who resides at the Valflame Palace in the imperial capital Heimdallr together with his wife, Empress Priscilla, and three children: Prince Olivert, Princess Alfin and Crown Prince Cedric.


Emblem Region Largest city Population Present ruler
Erebonia Crest
Imperial Centre Heimdallr 800,000 Chancellor Giliath Osborne

Governor Carl Regnitz

Crossbell Emblem
Crossbell Province Crossbell City 500,000 Governor-general Rufus Albarea
Lamarre Dukedom Crest (Sen)
Lamarre Province Ordis 460,000 Duke Cayenne
Albarea Dukedom Crest (Sen)
Kreuzen Province Bareahard 300,000 Jusis Albarea
Rogner Marquisdom Crest (Sen)
Nortia Province Roer 200,000 Marquis Rogner
Hyarms Marquisdom Crest (Sen)
Sutherland Province Saint-Arkh 150,000[1] Marquis Hyarms
Arseid Viscounty Crest (Sen)
Arseid Viscounty Legram N/A Viscount Victor S. Arseid
Schwarzer Barony Crest (Sen)
Schwarzer Barony Ymir N/A Baron Teo Schwarzer


Erebonia East Detail (Map)

Map of East Erebonia.

Imperial Centre


  • Heimdallr - Heimdallr is the capital city of the Erebonian Empire. It is very large and is divided into districts. It is home to a variety of tourist attractions.
  • Jurai Special Economic Zone - The Jurai Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a city located on Erebonia's far northwestern coast. It used to be a seaside port town until it suffered economic fallout caused by the Salt Pale incident. It was then later annexed into Erebonia when an agreement to put a railway through it was sealed. Since then it has enjoyed an economic prosperity. It is home to many casinos.
  • Trista - Trista is a small academic town that is home to Thors Military Academy. People from the ages of 16 - 20 from around Erebonia can attend school at Thors for a 2 year period. Prior to the Erebonian Civil War, classes were divided between commoners and nobles until Class VII was introduced. Since the Civil War, though, Thors has begun branching out.

Famous Locations:

  • Karel Imperial Villa - Karel Imperial Villa is a private villa that is owned by the Imperial Royal Family. It can only be reached by airship due to being located in a mountain range.
  • Thors Military Academy - Thors Military Academy is a military academy that caters to children from both commoner and noble lineage. It used to have a general education course, but has since become a full-fledged military academy. It is the school where Rean Schwarzer and the rest of Class VII used to attend and is the spot where the Divine Knight Valimar was first discovered.
  • Valflame Palace - Valflame Palace is a palace that's home to Emperor Eugent and the rest of the Imperial Royal Family.

The Province of Lamarre


  • Ordis - Ordis is the capital city of the Lamarre province. It is the city where the Divine Knight Ordine was first discovered.

Famous Locations:

  • Byronia Island - Byronia Island is an island that is rich with elements of Animism.

The Province of Nortia

Nortia is a province located in Northern Erebonia governed by the Rogner Marquisdom.


  • Roer - also known as the Industrial Metropolis, is home of approximately 200.000 inhabitants. It is the home to the Reinford Corporation and is one of Erebonia's more technologically advanced cities, partly thanks to the group's influence.
  • Ymir - also known as the Hot Springs Resort Paradise.

Famous Locations:

  • Calabria Hill
  • Eisengard Range - The Eisengard Range is a mountain range that is located close to the Ymir Valley.
  • Sachsen Iron Mine - The Sachsen Iron Mine is where most of Erebonia gets its steel and ore from. It is owned by the Imperial Family, however, corporations can apply for a lease to mine a set portion of it. One of these corporations that it is leased to is the Reinford Corporation.
  • Schwarz Drache Barrier - The Schwarz Drache Barrier is a border fort.

The Province of Kreuzen

Kreuzen is a province located in East Erebonia; which is governed by the Albarea Dukedom.


  • Bareahard - Bareahard is the capital city of the Kreuzen. It is a city that's been mostly made for nobles. It is home to the Albarea Dukedom.
  • Celdic - Celdic, also known as the Market Town, is a popular tourist destination because of its Grand Market. During the Civil War, Celdic and its Grand Market were burned down when Celdic was attacked. It is still in the process of being rebuilt.
  • Legram - Legram is a town that is situated on a lake. It is home to the Arseid school of swordsmanship and Arseid Barony. It is known for its misty weather, and is famed for its connection to Lianne Sandlot, the Eisenritter, and their role in the War of the Lions. The main draw of this town lies with Lohegrin Castle.

Famous Locations:

  • Aurochs Fortress - Aurochs Fortress is the home of the Provincial Army which answers to the Albarea Dukedom. It is a military base that hosts a wide range of the latest cutting edge military gear, tech and weapons.
  • Garrelia Fortress - Garrelia Fortress was a huge fortress that protected the border between Erebonia and Crossbell and the Calvard Republic. It was destroyed prior to the Civil War by a unknown Crosbellian weapon.
  • Lohengrin Castle - Lohengrin Castle is a huge castle that's situated on a lake next to Legram. It is famed as being the home of Lianne Sandlot and the Eisenritter.
  • Lunaria Nature Park - The Lunaria Nature Park is a nature park that is located close to Celdic. It is home to many monsters, but it holds elements of Animism within it.
  • Twin Dragons Bridge - Twin Dragons Bridge is a bridge controlled by the military that leads to Garellia Fortress.

The Province of Sutherland


  • Saint-Arkh - Saint-Arkh is the former capital city of Erebonia and is the capital city of the Sutherland province. It is home to the main headquarters of the Septian Church and the Gralsritter in Erebonia.
  • Parm - Parm is a town that's renowned for processing wool and weaving. It is located close to the border of Bose in the country of Liberl.
  • Hamel - Hamel Village was a village that used to exist in the Sutherland. Its destruction was used as a basis to start the Hundred Days War with Liberl.


National forces

The Imperial army is under command of emperor Eugent Reise Arnor III and his Imperial government, tasking with the defense of Erebonia from external forces. The army consists of a large number of state-of-the-art, mechanised tanks, divided into more than 20 military armored visions. Currently, the army is developing its airforce to further increase its power. In S.1203, approximately 70% of the Imperial army was under direct command of Chancellor Giliath Osborne and therefore considered the force of the reformist movement.

General Staff Headquarters

The General Staff Headquarters (参謀本部, sanbouhonbu) serves as the backbone of the Imperial army.

Imperial Intelligence Agency

The Imperial Intelligence Agency (帝国軍情報局, teikoku-gun jouhou-kyoku) was established before S.1193 by Giliath Osborne. Prominent members include Captain Lechter Arundel and Millium Orion.

Military Armored Division

Only the armored divisions explicitly mentioned in the games are listed below.

  • The 1st Armored Division (第一機甲師団, dai-ichi kikou-shidan) is stationed in the capital of Erebonia, Heimdallr.
  • The 3rd Armored Division (第三機甲師団, dai-ni kikou-shidan) is stationed at the Zender Gate and commaned by Lieutenant general Zechs Vander. The division was originally stationed in the Sutherland province to guard the border with Liberl, but after disobeying Chancellor Giliath Osborne's order during the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon, the division was relocated to the Zender Gate in the utmost northern part of Erebonia. The division unit consists of the following (named) members:
    • Lieutenant General Zechs Vander
    • Major Lyell
    • Sergeant Ogram
    • Private Hoover, promoted to Tank Commander in Trails of Cold Steel II.
    • Mechanic Dion
    • Warrant Officer Samary
    • Private Sarjes
    • Private Bolt
    • Private Hart
    • Private Zats
    • Private Manning
    • Private Roan
  • The 4th Armored Division (第四機甲師団, dai-yon kikou-shidan) is commanded by Lieutenant General Olaf Craig and Major Neithardt. It is said that the 4th armored division has the most raw firepower among all units in the Imperial army.
    • Lieutenant General Olaf Craig
    • Sergeant Major Aimens
    • Brigadier General Abecker
    • Major Neithardt
    • Captain Kisling
    • Captain Gaur
    • 2nd Lieutenant Loki
  • The 5th Armored Division (第五機甲師団, dai-go kikoushi-dan) was stationed at the Garrelia Fortress and commanded by Lieutenant General Walter. It was completely annihilated alongside the obliteration of the Garrelia Fortress itself.
  • The 6th Armored Division (第六機甲師団, dai-roku kikou-shidan) is stationed in the western half of Erebonia and was responsible for guarding the Empire's eastern border after the annihilation of the Garrelia Fortress.
  • The 7th Armored Division (第七機甲師団, dai-nana kikou-shidan) is the division Major Mueller Vander is part of.
  • The 9th Armored Division (第九機甲師団, dai-kyuu kikou-shidan) is stationed in the western half of Erebonia and was responsible for guarding the Empire's eastern border after the annihilation of the Garrelia Fortress.
  • The 11th Armored Division (第十一機甲師団, dai-juukikou-shidan) is stationed in the western half of Erebonia and was responsible for guarding the Empire's eastern border after the annihilation of the Garrelia Fortress.

Railway Military Police

The Railway Military Police (鉄道憲兵隊, tetsudou kenpeitai) is charged with patrolling Erebonia using railways and consists of at least 11 Squads. Its most prominent member is Captain Claire Rieveldt.

Heimdallr Military Police

The Heimdallr Military Police (帝都憲兵隊, teito kenpeitai) is guarded with keeping order within the capital of Erebonia and protecting its citizens. Their uniform resembles the Military Armored Divisons but blue rather than purple.

Imperial Air Force

The Imperial Air Force (飛行艦隊, hikou kantai) is a newly established divison in the Imperial army. As of S.1204, a large number of 150 arge battleships are being built. Its only named member is Helmsman Graft, who expressed his interest in flying the Courageous. Thors Military Academy students Emily and Teresia aspired to join the Imperial Air Force after graduating.

Provincial forces

Each province in Erebonia controls its own provincial army.

  • The Kreuzen Provincial Army (クロイツェン州領邦軍, kuroitsen-shuu ryouhou-gun) serves Duke Albarea.
  • The Nortia Provincial Army (ノルティア州領邦軍, norutia-shuu ryouhou-gun) serves Marquis Rogner.
  • The Lamarre Provincial Army (ラマール州領邦軍, lamaaru-shuu ryouhou-gun) serves Duke Cayenne and is under command of General Aurelia Le Guin.
  • The Sutherland Provincial Army (サザーラント州領邦軍, sazaaranto-shuu ryouhou-gun) serves Marquis Hyarms and is under command of Brigadier General Wallace Bardias.

International Relations

Erebonia has a tenuous relation with most of the countries surrounding its borders, brought about in part with its habit of annexing small nearby nations. Though it has signed a non-aggression pact with Liberl, their relationship is still shaky at best as a result of the Hundred Days War.

It is particularly on very bad terms with the Calvard Republic.


Erebonia's economy can be divided into 4 main categories: Mining, Agriculture and Foreign Trade and Technological Corporations.


The Sachsen Iron Mine, located in the north of Roer in the Nortia province, is often referred to as "the framework of Erebonia", highlighting its importance for Erebonian economy. Iron ores are transported from the mine to Roer, where the First Plant of the Reinford Industry Group refines the iron into orbal-powered devices or uses it for the construction of buildings. The Sachsen Iron Mine was originally part of the Rogner Marquisdom, but as an imperial resource the ownership was transferred to the royal family of Arnor.


Spread out near Celdric is the grain-producing region Grand Granary. Since the Orbal Revolution, which led to a sudden surge in population and increase in importing crops, the Grand Granary has been tasked with supplying Erebonia with food.

Foreign trade

The most important products for export are orbal-powered devices. Traditionally, the Erebonian government used to charge high customs duty on imported goods, making imported goods a scarcity. Recent deregulations, however, have led to a lower customs duty and therefore an increase in imported goods.


Reinford Industry Group

A prominent maker of orbal-powered devices, boasting an overwhelming market share in Erebonia. The current president is Irina Reinford. Their headquarters are situated in Roer.

Reinford originated as a weapon workshop during the Middle Ages and continued to supply the Imperial Army with weaponry. After the Orbal Revolution, Reinford expanded their expertise to domestic devices all the way up to tanks and aircraft. Most recently, their line-up of products moved into the territory of tactical orbments, which so far has been monopolised by the Epstein Foundation. After Irina Reinford assumed office as president, she turned four factories into a self-supporting accounting system.

Imperial Times

The Imperial Times is the main news outlet for Erebonia, It is a empire-wide newspaper that caters to all clients and while it tries to be unbiased, it fell under the control of the Noble Alliance during the Erebonian Civil War.

Conrad Ltd.

Affiliated with Reinford.

Rieveldt Ltd.

Rieveldt is a company that deals with creating musical instruments. Claire Rieveldt of the Railway Police may be somehow connected to them.

Quincy Ltd.

Baking company.

Kleist & Co.

Synthesis & co.

Crimson Co.

Dummy company.


Public transportation

Public transport is highly commonplace in Erebonia. Its railroad system is spread throughout the nation, in which its capital Heimdallr serves the purpose of central hub. Major cities throughout Erebonia are connected through local branch lines. The Transcontinental Railroad runs through Crossbell into Calvard. Important lines of Erebonia's railroad system include:

  • Transcontinental Railroad (Heimdallr - Trista -1 hour- Celdic - Garrelia Fortress - Crossbell - Calvard)
  • The Kreuzen Main Line (Heimdallr - Trista - Celdic - Bareahard)
  • The Lamarre Main Line (Heimdallr - ? - Ordis)
  • The Sutherland Main Line (Heimdallr - ? - Saint-Arkh)
  • The Nortia Line (Heimdallr - Roer)
  • The Eisengald Branch Line (Roer - The Gate of Zender)
  • The Ebel Branch Line (Bareahard - Legram)
  • The Freight Line (Bareahard - Aurochs Fort)
  • The Ymir Branch Line (Roer - Sachsen Iron Mine/Ymir)
  • Private Royal Line (Heimdallr - Karel Imperial Villa)

Maritime transportation

Maritime transport makes use of the Arnor River between Erebonia's capital Heimdallr and the maritime city of Ordis on its west coast.



Whereas the nation has converted to the Septian Church during the Middle Ages, animism was the indigneous belief system of Erebonia. Animist traditions have ever since being incorporated in the beliefs of the Septian Church and are part of the its annual Summer Festival.


Erebonia has a wide range of schools. From standards schools to specialized schools, it caters to all of its younger citizens.

Some of these schools include:


  1. It is said the population of [[Ordis]], 460,000 citizenes, is three times the size of Saint-Arkh in{{g|Sen III|3}}.