Emma Millstein (エマ・ミルスティン, ema mirustin) is a student and class president of Class VII.



She came from an unspecified remote region to Erebonia with a scholarship to attend at Thors Military Academy. As a member of the Hexen Clan, it is her duty to guide the Awakener of the Ashen Knight Valimar, Rean Schwarzer.

Thors Military Academy

Emma is a very compassionate person. She carries herself in a quiet, shy and courteous demeanor, which makes her very well liked among the other students. Despite this, Emma is equally pragmatic as well as she is secretive, due to her true purpose in being at the Academy.

Emma remains modest in most of her interactions with her classmates. She acknowledges Machias' one-sided academic rivalry with dismissal and kindness, and she also tutors Fie to help her with paying attention in class and getting better grades.

During the events of Trails of Cold Steel II, Emma spends most of the game grappling over her duty as a witch of the Hexen Clan, and the guilt she feels for keeping it a secret from the others. She displays a noticeable inferiority complex, developed by being in the shadow of Vita Clotilde, someone who she regarded as a sister figure to her.

After the Civil War, Emma leaves Thors with Celine to go on a journey to find Vita.

Character Notes



  • Stein means "stone" in German.
  • Emma's bonding trophy in Trails of Cold Steel is titled "Magic Moment".
  • Emma's bonding trophy in Trails of Cold Steel II is titled "Witchy Woman".

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