Elie MacDowell (エリィ・マクダエル) is a member of Crossbell Police Department's Special Support Section. She is the granddaughter of Henry MacDowell, mayor and chairman of Crossbell City. Her parents are working abroad and have therefore not appeared in-game. In battles, Elie wields a customised orbal gun.



Elie was born to a Calvardian father and Crossbellan mother. After their marriage, Elie's father decided to take on his wife's noble last name MacDowell to gain an advantage in Crossbell's complex political sphere. His strong sense of justice fueled his desire to end Crossbell's suzerainty under Erebonia and Calvard.

Despite his best efforts, he could not get the support of his father-in-law Henry MacDowell during his political campaigning. Disillusioned by what he believed to be a hopeless situation for Crossbell due to its relentless political climate of betrayal and greed, he requested a divorce and moved back to Calvard. Elie's mother went on to live with relatives in Erebonia shortly thereafter. Elie began living with her grandfather Henry from this point onward.


Elie's interest in politics led her abroad, studying the complexities of foreign government systems in great depth. During her stay in Arteria she met Ries Argent. When she returned to Crossbell from her studies in S.1203, her grandfather and father had decided that it would be best for her to sign up for the police, which had been developing the concept for the Special Support Section. This would give her the chance to pursue justice without the restrictions of a political career path.

Elie graduated from the Police Academy with perfect scores on theoretical exams and marksmanship. As a member of the Special Support Section, she is often consulted for her political and economical knowledge.


Elie learns the following crafts.

Zero no Kiseki

Craft Japanese Description Cost Delay Obtained
3-round Burst 3点バースト 20 3500 Beginning
Holy Bullet ホーリーバレット 40 3500 Level 7
Wild Swan ワイルドスワン 30 3000 Level 18
Cross Mirage クロスミラージュ 40 3500 Level 23
Strike Bell ストライクベル 30 5000 Level 27

Ao no Kiseki

Craft Japanese Description Cost Delay Obtained
3-round Burst 3点バースト 20 3500 Beginning
Penetrator ペネトレイター 30 3500 Level 56
Holy Bullet ホーリーバレット 60 3500 Beginning
Wild Swan II ワイルドスワン 30 3000 Beginning
Cross Mirage クロスミラージュ 40 3500 Beginning
Cross Mirage II クロスミラージュII 45 3500 Level 83
Strike Bell ストライクベル 40 5000 Beginning