Dreichels Reise Arnor (ドライケルス・ライゼ・アルノール), also known as Dreichels the Lionheart (獅子心皇帝) and Father of the Renaissance (中興の祖), was the 73rd emperor of Erebonia.[1]


Having originally abandoned his position as an imperial family member, he returned to his homeland to end the War of the Lions. He succeeded in his goals by becoming the Awakener of Valimar, the Ashen Knight and with support from Lianne Sandlot and her Eisenritter.

After the War of the Lions had ended, Emperor Dreichels walked triumphantly up the Vainqueur Street in Heimdallr to celebrate the war's end. The Department Store Plaza Bifrost is also named after this victory parade.[2]

After ascending the throne, he ordered the construction of the Thors Military Academy in circa S.985.[1][3][4][5]



  • Many tourists buy a mini-statue of Dreichels as a good luck charm.
  • His name contains the German words for "three" (Drei), "empire" / "rich" (Reich / reich), and "journey" (Reise).


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