Divine Blade (剣聖) is a title awarded to those who have mastered the Eight Leaves One Blade school.


Currently, only two practitioners of the Eight Leaves One Blade school hold the title of Divine Blade.

  • Cassius Bright is known as the Divine Blade (剣聖) and specialised himself in the Hurricane form of the school. He was known as the finest swordsman of the Royal Army of Liberl before retiring from his post as Colonel and with it, his sword. He picked up the bo staff under tutelage of Dan Russell and passed down its former training sword to active practitioner and granddaughter of Master Yun Ka-fai, Anelace Elfead.
  • Arios MacLaine is known as the Divine Blade of Wind (風の剣聖) for mastering the second form of the school, Gale. Arios earned the title in a final trial against his teacher, aforementioned Cassius Bright.