Crossbell City - The East Street (Zero)

The East Street in Crossbell City.

The East Street (東通り(ひがしどおり)) is a division of Crossbell City.


Bracer Guild - Crossbell Branch

Old Dragon Inn

  • Zhang Hui (owner)
  • Shan Shan (waitress)
  • Feng, Puck and Ruth
  • Grid, Larus and Curt
  • Armand (Gebaru's son), Ellie (couple from Liberl) and Armin (newborn)

Apartment Acacia

  • Azel and Eugot (siblings of Azel)
  • Clarisa Seeker
  • Marcy, Sepia and Una (Erebonian working in Crossbell, in Ao his wife and daughter came over)
  • Ao: Bond (father), Creil (mother), Sunita (daughter) and Mari (cat)

Fisherman's Guild - Crossbell Branch

  • General Manager Celdan, Peter and Copin
  • Lloyd (the fisher from Liberl)
  • Fischer (former noble in Liberl)

Imperial Fishing Club

  • Lakelord III (heir of the Lakelord family, Thors grad)
  • Saylam
  • Elite Four: Triton, Kaguya, Narses, Sharkman

The East Street - House

  • Mors and Parla
  • Roy (son)
  • Mei Lin (daughter)


  • Kronk
  • Danes
  • Lilly
  • Marte and Danang


  • Susan and Gillet
  • Cout, Anne and Old Man Renault