Crossbell City - Entertainment District (Zero)

Entertainment District in Crossbell City.

Entertainment District (歓楽街(かんらくがい)) is a division of Crossbell City.


Arc en Ciel

Barca Casino

  • Owner Drake
  • Cherry
  • Galletti
  • Elinde
  • Count Carlyle (Erebonian noble)
  • Guests: Rheita-rossa (Calvardian), Old Man Ricke (gambler for 60 years), Old Lady Holly.

Hotel Millennium

  • General Manager Laetitia (apprentice of General Manager Neston until S.1202)
  • Staff: Receptionist Kyle, Aron, Dorith
  • Guest: Tront

Anniversary Stand

  • Lime


  • Sofille (owner of Sofille's Ice Cream Stand)
  • Tout Pim
  • Polise and Tap (Arc en Ciel fans)
  • Tello
  • Lamanda

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