The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki & Ao no Kiseki Official Materials: Crossbell Archive (英雄伝説 零の軌跡 碧の軌跡 公式設定資料集 クロスベルアーカイブ), abbreviated to Crossbell Archive, is a collection of material from the Zero and Ao no Kiseki duology. The book was produced by Dengeki PlayStation in close collaboration with Nihon Falcom and published by ASCII Media Works on April 27th, 2012.


The Crossbell Archive contains the following chapters:

  • Scenario: An introduction in the world of the Crossbell duology, followed by extensive summary of both games including annotations to expand upon certain aspects of the storyline. (p.3-111) The annotations also touch upon aspects not mentioned in the game, such as:[1]
    • Why did Lloyd hear KeA calling ‘Find me’?
    • What is the meaning of KeA’s name?
    • What did Renne see when she went to the Mirror Castle?
    • What is the ‘Door of Arrival to D’?
    • Why did the blue Gnosis demonise Wald?
    • What was Novartis’ ‘Promised Day?’
    • What are Rixia’s three-sizes?
    • What are the specs of the three Aion units?
  • Characters: Profiles, official art and concept artwork for a large number of characters. The most important aspects of each character's development are summarised in 1 to 3 brief paragraphs. (p.135-272)
  • Extra: In the Extra section, the book delves into the results of the web survey regarding both games, answered by 1500 fans in total,[1] and an gallery with illustrations. (p.279-319)


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