The Courageous (高速巡洋艦(こうそくじゅんようかん)カレイジャス) is a high-speed cruiser developed under supervision of Olivert Reise Arnor. It was inspired by, and based on, the Arseille of the Royal Guard of Liberl.


Olivert Reise Arnor considered the Courageous the symbol of the neutral third power, admist the noble faction of the Four Great Houses and the reformist faction of Chancellor Giliath Osborne, in Erebonia.

It came into existence with help from the Zeiss Central Factory in Liberl and the Epstein Foundation in Leman. The hull was designed by Professor Thomson of the Roer Institute of Technology. The information processing system was the latest technology property of Epstein Foundation. It's equipped with ZCF's high-performance engines, allowing the aircraft to reach a top-speed of 3,000 selge per hour. This is slightly slower than the Arseille's 3,600, for which the Courageous makes up with armour and interception capabilities.

The ship is equipped with the bare minimum of armaments out of both a lack of time and a conscious decision to focus on what the ships stand for.


Crew Arseid

  • Helsman Graft
  • Observer Crono
  • Controller Maia
  • Radio Officer Curtis
  • Engineer Boyjer
  • Logistics Officer Dietz
  • Head Mechanic Bancker
  • Mechanic Payton


  • At 75 arge in length, the Courageous is almost twice the size of the Arseille's 42 arge.

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