The City of Grancel (王都(おうと)グランセル), often shortened to Grancel and also known as the Royal Capital, is the capital and largest city of Liberl.


What the city lacks in size compared to the capitals of Liberl's neighboring nations Erebonia and Calvard, with a population of just around 300,000 people, it makes up for it with its rich history.

It is considered the centre of Liberlian culture and politics. Proud home of such tourist attractions as Grancel Castle (seat of Her Majesty the Queen), Grancel Cathedral (main hub for the Septian Church), the Grand Arena, embassies for numerous countries and many other world-famous locales. Every year, a Martial Arts Competition is held during the Queen's Birthday Celebration, attracting spectators from far and wide.

The region where Grancel is situated, known as the Ahnenburg, is protected on all sides by thick ramparts, which spared it from destruction during the Hundred Days War in S.1192. The Liberlian royal family's highly renowned Erbe Royal Villa, which typically serves as an upscale destination for the general public, can be found to the east of Grancel.


After the Great Collapse, surviving citizens of the Liber Ark evacuated to the land below and built a city on top of the facility used to seal the Liber Ark within the reaches of the Ahnenburg Wall, giving the wall an additional second purpose. They built a castle for the newly-formed royal authorities and the city developed from castle's vicinities onward. One of the city's oldest buildings, the Grancel Cathedral, dates back to S.82.


City of Grancel - Map (SC)

Overview of City of Grancel.

Grancel is divided in four blocks: North Block, East Block, West Block and South Block.

Entering from Grancel through its main gate in the south from the Royal Avenue leads to its main street, which stretches all the way until the Grancel Castle, the prestigious symbol of the city. The North Block is inhabited by important people, such as the Royal Army General Morgan, and features Hotel Roenbaum for weary travellers.

In the East Block, the Grancel Landing Port and embassies of Erebonia and Calvard can be found, making it an important area for foreign visitors. In celebration of Queen Alicia's birthday, the Grand Arena hosts a martial arts tournament every year. Liberl's largest warehouse, the Edel Department Store, and its national History Museum are also situated in the East Block.

The West block provides entrance to Grancel's Harbor connected to Valleria Lake, which connects to the Azelia Bay through the Roubine River. The Grancel Cathedral and Liberl News Service are also situated in the West Block.

The South Block welcomes visitors through its main gate with a state of Liberl's symbolic white falcon and several food stands. It is also the home of several stores, the Fisherman's Guild. and the Grancel Bracer Guild.

The pavements and buildings in all blocks are made of stone, giving the city a traditional, historical and relaxing atmosphere.