Back Alley Doctor Glenn (闇医者グレン, yami-isha guren) is a book series that can be collected in Zero no Kiseki.

Volume 1 - Back Alley Doctor

Remiferia, “principality of the beautiful north”, is famous for its advanced medical care. The best doctors are gathered in hospitals equipped with the latest technology, stimulating a healthy competition among producers of medical technologies. 

However, this nation of medical advancements comes with a shady side. For example its downtown, in which orbal advancements are postponed and features none of the excellent hospitals the principality is publicly known for. The suspicious town reminds us of the unpleasant cold the north is known for. Built there is a clinic. Just a glance at the 40-year old building reveals it has been deteriorated, diminishing your hopes for an ordinary physician. Inside the building, we now see the silhouettes for two people.

“O-one m-million Mira...!?”, shouted the old man hysterically as he he discovered more zeros on his bill than he initially expected.

Across him a man in his mid-30’s, sporting an unkempt beard that reveals his laziness. Only few would recognise this massive, muscular figure as a doctor without his filthy, white coat.

“Ah, my bad. An exceptional mistake”, the doctor answered in his low voice and added another zero to the sum. As he reconfirmed price had to be tenfold of what he originally wrote, the old man’s face shot from impatiently blue to furious red.

“U-u-usury! T-these treatment costs are ridiculous! I refuse to pay this!”. And indeed, it is far beyond what a doctor established in Remiferia is legally allowed to charge its patients. Watching the furious old man, the doctor couldn’t help but laugh. “You yourself seem to have earned quite a penny as well, makes me wonder whether it’s all white as well?”.

The old man is commonly known as a corrupt politician, supported by a never-ending stream of rumours about bribery and tax evasion. This particular day it were three bullets he received and were brought this way.

If this would’ve become known in public, his life as a politician would ended up in “some kind of trouble”. But this doctor extracted the bullets from his body, without having him fear for being pursued -- in short, he’s being charged for the surgery free and additional hush money. “I figured it would be a decent price for one’s life”, he threatened as the old man lost his temper. He thrusted his hidden orbal gun into the doctor’s back. The doctor couldn’t help but smiling.

“...Well actually, there are still some bullets within your body. If you were to kill me, I wouldn’t be able to remove them for you,” and he pointed his finger at the old man’s stomach.

He felt something hard under his skin where he didn’t have his surgery scar. The doctor didn’t remove all the bullets on purpose. The old man felt a dull pain and dropped his gun. “So, are we going to pay now?” And so, the doctor continued the surgery. The flames of anger disappeared from the old man’s eyes. The only thing that remained was fear.

-- The name of this practitioner is Glenn. Though an exceptionally talented doctor, he is not affiliated with one of the hospitals in the principality. He is considered a “back-alley doctor” and treats everyone up to politicians, illegal immigrants and murderers, demanding unreasonable treatment costs in return. Couple a days later, Glenn stared boredly at the suitcase with 10 million mira in his worn-down chair.

He looked outside and saw the rain dripping down the window. The large drops of rain are uncommon in the north of Remiferia. No client would come in with this weather -- when the sound of rainfall suddenly became louder.

“P-pardon me.” Glenn turned around as he heard the voice. There was a nurse standing in the hallway of his deteriorated clinic.

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