Aurelia Le Guin (オーレリア・ルグィン将軍(しょぐん)), also known as the Golden Rakshasa (黄金(おうごん)羅刹(らせつ)), is the principal of Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus Leeves and former General of the Lamarre Provincial army. She is also the countess of the Le Guin Family.


Le Guin Countess

Le Guin - Crest (Sen II)

Crest of the Le Guin Family as seen on Aurelia Le Guin's cape in Cold Steel II.

She is the only known practitioner of both the Vander school and Arseid school of swordsmanship and is determined to surpass her previous masters, Zechs Vander and Victor S. Arseid, respectively.

During the Erebonian Civil War, she is left in charge of maintaining the Noble Alliance's control over Western Erebonia for much of the game, and first appears when she meets Laura in Legram. During the Battle for Heimdallr, her Soldats battalion faces off with Zechs Vander and his 3rd Battallion.
Northern War - Concept Art (Sen III)

Aurelia Le Guin carrying out her mission to invade and annex North Ambria.

Northern Campaign

Main article: Northern Campaign

After the Erebonian Civil War, she withdrew to the Juno Fortress after the military called their ceasefire. Aurelia was subsequently tasked by the Imperial government with commanding the force to invade and annex North Ambria.

Retiring general

Upon her return, she retired as the commander of the Lamarre Provincial army and left her sworn ally, Brigadier General Wallace Bardias, in control of the annexed northern state. The remaining, but weakened military force of the Lamarre Provincial army was transferred to the Imperial Army.

Thors II's New Principal

In S.1206, Aurelia was brought in as the principal of the Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus Leeves.

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