Ash Carbide (アッシュ・カーバイド ) is a student at the Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus Leeves.


Ash Carbide (Dengeki artwork)

Ash Carbide in the slumbs of the Erebonian pleasure quarter he was raised in (Dengeki Playstation artwork).

Ash grew up in the slums of Raquel, the entertainment district in west Erebonia as a delinquent youth.

During the Erebonian Civil War, he formed a team to chase off brigands, earning him invitations from the Imperial Army and the Bracer Guild. With a recommendation from someone who is familiar with his past, he enrolled at Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus Leeves in Class VIII.

He is considered an outlaw in Class VIII and regularly gets into fights with one of his instructors, Rean Schwarzer.

His weapon, a so-called varia axe, can change its shape during battles, making him a tricky fighter.


Name Description Class Break Cost
Craft (Sen Skill) Rumble Smash


Attack (Set) -  Area (M) - Impede - Faint (30%)


B+ B 30 CP
Craft (Sen Skill) Deadly Scythe


Attack (Set) - Area (L) - K.O. (50%) - Nightmare (50%)

鎌に変形し、敵集団をまとてて死の悪夢へと突き落とす Unbalance 10%.

A C 80 CP
Craft (Sen Skill) Acid Rage


Support - Self - STR+50% (3 turns) - Regen 50CP (2 turns)


10 CP
S Craft (Sen Skill) Belial Raid


鎌で敵集団を締め上げ、戻す力で滅多切りにする無慈悲な連撃 100+ CP


Sen no Kiseki III
Ash Carbide - Bust (Sen III)
Ash Garbide (Sen III)
Ash - Sketch (Sen III)
Concept Art
Ash - Varia Axe (Sen III)
Varia Axe
Ash Carbide (Dengeki artwork)
Promotional Artwork

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