Artifacts (古代遺物, aatifakuto) are essentially ancient orbments created by the ancient civilisations of Zemuria and capable of demonstrating power that exceeds the bounds of human comprehension. They are generally found in ruins across the continent. Although they run on orbal energy just like contemporary orbments, they are operated differently and cannot yet be properly analysed with post-Orbal Revolution technologies.

The Septian Church has defined artifacts as "premature gifts from the Goddess" and, through its Congregation for the Sacraments, it claims responsibility for the artifacts' collection and control.

List of artifacts

Known by name

  • Black History (黒の史書), apparently, not sure how books can be artifacts.
  • Chronos Rod (封じの宝杖), paralyses everyone within its immediate vicinity.
  • Demonic Flute (降魔の笛), capable of animating the dead.
  • Gospel (ゴスペル), orbment-like devices to interact with the Aureole.
  • Fool's Locket (愚者のロケット), allows its wearer to tell all but the most obvious lie convincingly.
  • Loa's Demon Lance (ロアの魔槍), alters its user's body into a demon.
  • Original Merkabah (天の車), served as the basis for the Merkabah used by Dominion.
  • Recluse Cube (レクルスの方石), information processing subsystem for Aureole.
  • Ring of Judgement (審判の指環), confronts its wearer with the sins from their consciousness.
  • Silver Dew Orb (銀露の宝珠), warns its owners of upcoming perils.


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