The Spirit Shrines are mysterious ruins scattered around Erebonia that once served as workshops for the Gnomes. Sealed within each of the four main shrines is a huge chunk of Zemurian Ore, all four of which are needed to craft a powerful weapon for Valimar.

List of Spirit Shrines

Aria Shrine

The Aria Shrine is located in the far northeast of the Nord Highlands and is home to wind elemental enemies.

Aqua Shrine

The Aqua Shrine is located near Legram and is home to water elemental enemies.

Ignis Shrine

The Ignis Shrine is located near Roer and is home to fire elemental enemies.

Terra Shrine

The Terra Shrine is located near Garrelia Fortress and is home to earth elemental enemies.

Glacia Shrine

The Glacia Shrine is located near Ymir. It is a special shrine that does not have any Zemurian ore inside. Instead it holds a strong Magic Knight, which upon defeat rewards the player with the strong Ice Crown accessory.