Altina Orion (アルティナ・オライオン), also known under her codename as Black Rabbit (黒兎(ブラックラビット)) and model name Oz74, is a girl affiliated with the Intelligence Agency and the Black Workshop.


Altina operates the jetblack puppet Claiomh Solais (クラウ=ソラス), which serves as both her weapon and as means of transport.

Erebonian Civil War

Although she collaborates with the Noble Alliance and therefore has often confronted the main characters throughout the events of Trails of Cold Steel and Trails of Cold Steel II, she insists that she is working independently. Although her exact origin is unknown, she and Millium Orion described themselves as artificial children, not born from a mother and coordinated by their puppets.

During the Divertissement of Trails of Cold Steel II, she starts operating on behalf of the Intelligence Division and fights alongside Rean Schwarzer against Lloyd Bannings and Rixia Mao in Crossbell's Geofront. Since the end of the events of Trails of Cold Steel II, Altina has been carrying out various missions for the Intelligence Division and monitoring Rean's actions as his partner, such as participating in the Northern Campaign

School Life

When Rean assumed office as instructor on Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus Leeves, Altina joined him as a "student" of New Class VII. Ever since she saw him lose control of his ogre power during the Northern Campaign, she has been worried he might overdo it again.

Her indifferent personality and lack of emotions make it hard for her to fit in a normal school life. She initially follows around Rean, but he insist that she has to do what she wants herself. Deciding on a club to join was also a problem for Altina. She ultimately settled for the swimming club, since it would improve her strength and considers the feeling of water nostalgic. While her grades are good, the lack of a creative side means she struggles with Art & Music. Her cute demeanour makes her loved among the female students.

She is also the only member of Class VII unable to pilot a Panzer Soldats, meaning she serves as support in battles. When the Goliath was the brought in as a borrowed unit from the imperial army, it was Altina who demonstrated enough aptitude to be appointed its pilot. However, doing so caused Altina to lose her mind as if she was controlled by her puppet, Claiomh Solais. Afterwards, the Goliath was sealed away.

Black Workshop Flashback - Visual (Sen III)

Altina's memory of the Black Workshop.

True Identity

In Sen no Kiseki III, Chapter 1: "Reunion ~The Old Capital of Chalkstone~", Altina reveals to Rean that she is actually a homunculus made in the Black Workshop and that she vastly differs from her 'sister', Millium, when it comes to facial expressions and behaviour. During her time with Class VII, however, Altina slowly learns to express herself to the point she gives them a smile. In the meanwhile, her creator is keeping literally an eye on her development.

After her classmate Ash Carbide shoots emperor Eugent III, Altina is summoned by the Intelligence Division and decides to head in their direction in order to check up on Ash's safety. Soon thereafter, it is revealed that her model name, Oz, is short for Originator Zero. Altina, as Oz74, was the 74th and final model in the series, designed to bring about the Great Twilight by slaughtering the Nameless One.

She is taken to the Gral of Erebos, where on behalf of Chancellor Giliath Osborne and her creator, Black Alberich, Crown Prince Cedric Reise Arnor tries to strangle her. He is stopped, however, by Rean Schwarzer and the remaining members of Class VII. Rean is unable to stop the Nameless One entirely, but both he and Altina are protected by Altina's 'sister', Milium (Oz73), who sacrifices herself and becomes the Originator Zero instead.

Altina is spared, but her development of emotions over the course of Sen no Kiseki III means she now has a vast array of emotions to process for the first time.

Character Notes

Sen no Kiseki III

Altina Orion Note (Sen III)


Name Description Class CP Lv
Craft (Sen Skill) Maser Arm
Attack (Set) - Area (L) - Seal (50%) - Mute (50%)
Slashes foes with a spinning attack. Unbalance+20%.
A 30
Craft (Sen Skill) Brionac
Magic Attack (Set) - Line (M) - DEF/ADF-25% (3 turns)
Cuts all with a laser beam. Unbalance+50%.
S 30
Craft (Sen Skill) Black Barrier
Support - Self - Physical Reflect (x2)]
Creates a black barrier, reflecting two physical attacks.
S Craft (Sen Skill) Ragna Bringer
[Attack - All]
Turns Claiomh Solais into a sword.
4S 100+

Name Description Class Break Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill) Brionac
Magic Attack - Line (M) - DEF/ADF down (S/3 turns)
威力を上げた高密度のレーザーであらゆるものを貫き穿つ. Unbalance+15%.
B D 30 Initial
Craft (Sen III Skill) Argem Heal
Recovery - Area (M) - Heals 20% HP - CP+20
40 Initial
Craft (Sen III Skill) Delta Defender
Support - One - Analysis - Balance Down (3 turns) - STR/SPD down (M/3 turns)
20 Lv.4
Craft (Sen III Skill) Fragarach
Attack - Area (M) - Delay+10
S S+ 60 Lv.25
Craft (Sen III Skill) Black Shade
Support - Self - Physical Immunity - Stealth
60 Lv.38
S Craft (Sen III Skill) Arcadis Gear
Magic Attack - Line (XL)
SS+ D 100+ 4/16

Brave Order

Character Name BP Effect
Altina Orion Black Crest
3 Absolute Reflect (4 counts)
Restores 10% HP/EP


  • Orion is the name of a constellation visible throughout the world, named after Orion, a hunter in Greek mythology.



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