Altina Orion (アルティナ・オライオン), also known under her codename as Black Rabbit (黒兎(ブラックラビット)) and model name Oz74, is a girl affiliated with the Intelligence Agency and the Black Workshop, one of Ouroboros's Thirteen Factories.


Altina operates the jetblack puppet Claiomh Solais (クラウ=ソラス), which serves as both her weapon and as means of transport.

Erebonian Civil War

Although she collaborates with the Noble Alliance and therefore has often confronted the main characters throughout the events of Trails of Cold Steel and Trails of Cold Steel II, she insists that she is working independently. Although her exact origin is unknown, she and Millium Orion described themselves as artificial children, not born from a mother and coordinated by their puppets.

During the Divertissement of Trails of Cold Steel II, she fights alongside Rean Schwarzer on behalf of the Intelligence Agency against Lloyd Bannings and Rixia Mao in Crossbell's Geofront.

Post-Civil War

Since the end of the events of Trails of Cold Steel II, Altina has been carrying out various missions for the Intelligence Agency and monitoring Rean's actions as his partner. When Rean assumed office as instructor on Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus Leeves, Altina joined him as a "student" of the renewed Class VII.


Name Description Class CP Lv
Craft (Sen Skill) Maser Arm
[Attack (Set) - Area (L) - Seal (50%) - Mute (50%)]
Slashes foes with a spinning attack. Unbalance+20%.
A 30 -
Craft (Sen Skill) Brionac
[Magic Attack (Set) - Line (M) - DEF/ADF-25% (3 turns)]
Cuts all with a laser beam. Unbalance+50%.
S 30 -
Craft (Sen Skill) Black Barrier
[Support - Self - Physical Reflect (x2)]
Creates a black barrier, reflecting two physical attacks.
- 30 -
S Craft (Sen Skill) Ragna Bringer
[Attack - All]
Turns Claiomh Solais into a sword.
4S 100+ -

Name Description Class Break Cost
Craft (Sen Skill) Delta Defender


Craft (Sen Skill) Brionac


Craft (Sen Skill) Argem Heal


Craft (Sen Skill) Fragarach


Craft (Sen Skill) Arcadis Gear




  • Orion is the name of a constellation visible throughout the world, named after Orion, a hunter in Greek mythology.


Trails of Cold Steel II
Altina Orion - S-Craft (Sen II)
Altina's S-Craft cut-in.
Altina Orion - Menu Bust (Sen II)
Altina's menu bust.
Altina Orion (Sen II)
Altina's full-body artwork.
Sen no Kiseki III
Altina Orion S-Craft (Sen III)
Altina Orion - Bust (Sen III)
Altina Orion (Sen III)
Altina - Sketch (Sen III)
Concept Art
Altina - Claiomh Solais (Sen III)
Claiomh Solais
Exceed!! - Offical Art (Sen III)
Promotional artwork
Altina Kitty - Geo Bonus (Sen III)
Altina's kitty outfit, a preorder bonus.
Altina - Screenshot (Sen III)
A screenshot of Altina.
Altina - Screenshot (Sen III) 02
A screenshot of Altina and Claiomh Solais.
Altina - Screenshot (Sen III) 03
A screenshot of Altina in Crossbell City.


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