Trails in the Sky SC - Agate Crosner Route

Chapter 1: Sneaking Shadows

Reunion with Old Friends

Agate is first introduced in Chapter 1 entering the Grancel Bracer Guild with Scherazard Harvey. The two of them welcome Estelle Bright and Anelace Elfead back from their training program. Agate explains that he heard about Joshua from Cassius Bright and expresses his condolences, but states that he's happy that she's back to normal now. Estelle thanks him and then asks why they are both here.

After some banter, Elnan explains that they are here for a special mission: to investigate Ouroboros. Confused, Estelle and Anelace show their concern, but Agate explains that they are just walking around Liberl and trying to get some information at this point because they know nothing about them. Slightly disappointed, Estelle laments that it is not going to be easy, before turning to Elnan and asking if this mission that he wants them on.

Elnan states that it is and that he wants one of them to go with either Schera or Agate to their allocated specific area. Elnan then asks if they still want to go and Estelle and Anelace cheerfully agree. Elnan thanks the two of them and Anelace decides that Estelle should choose the pairings. Schera compliments Anelace and Agate agrees, they then explain their different fighting styles to Estelle. Estelle then chooses between Schera and Agate.

  • If Estelle chooses Schera - then Agate will go with Anelace to Bose and will be not seen for the rest of Chapter 1. Schera will also state that she knew that Estelle would pick her and that she has high hopes for her. Estelle makes a fed-up and states that she may've made a mistake. Anelace promises that she will do her best with Agate and Agate replies that he is counting on her.
  • If Estelle chooses Agate - then Schera will go with Anelace to Rolent and will be not seen for the rest of Chapter 1. Agate will agree to the pairing and after Estelle teases him a bit, Schera will chide Estelle. Anelace though shows excitement at partnering with Schera again.

After the decision-making is done, Agate questions the group on how they will travel. Schera states that they will do it based on Elnan's recommendation. Elnan recommends that they go to the busiest branches which are Ruan and Rolent (if you pick Agate) or Ruan and Bose (if you choose Schera). But, Estelle will head to Ruan either way.

  • If Estelle chooses Schera - Agate will insist on Bose because Anelace is from there and that he has some business up there. Estelle is reminded that Agate comes from Ravennue Village and asks if he has business there. Agate says "Kind of......" Schera then asks Estelle if Ruan is okay and Estelle expresses her excitement at meeting everyone in Ruan again.
  • If Estelle chooses Agate - Estelle expresses her excitement at meeting everyone in Ruan again and Elnan states that he call the branches, so that they know that they are coming.

Elnan states that he call the branches, so that they know that they are coming. After their business is taken of, Estelle and her partner will see off Anelace and her partner at the Airship Port.

  • If Estelle chooses Schera - Agate will state that they're off. Agate will then advise Estelle that even though she'll have moments where she has to put her foot down, be stubborn and push herself, she should remember that she is a woman too and that it is okay for her to rely on others and show her weakness. Estelle gets angry and thinks that Agate is making fun of her. Agate states that he's not teasing her. After struggling with his words for a bit, Agate admits that men are "big, dumb oafs who are too friggin' stubborn to ask for help for their own good, 95% of the time." He continues on that its the same for her father, Joshua and himself as society expects them to be that way and that they can't change that fact. However, he advises that Estelle shouldn't be stuck thinking like that and to make use of her friends. Estelle thanks Agate and Schera compliments him on showing his soft side.
  • If Estelle chooses Agate - Schera will express sadness at not spending more time with Estelle, but consoles her by saying that her tarot has stated that her bond with Joshua hasn't been severed yet,so she shouldn't worry and just believe in their bond. Estelle thanks Schera and Anelace. They also tease Agate for a little bit.

Estelle then asks Anelace if Schera asked her to go with her to Le Locle and Anelace confirms it. Schera then gets mad at Anelace for telling her everything and Anelace also confirms that she did it for herself too. Anelace then asks Estelle if they can be "something more" than friends which freaks Estelle, Agate and Scherazard out (as they think that Anelace is confessing her feelings of love to Estelle).

Estelle gets flustered, but rejects Anelace for Joshua. Suddenly, Anelace gets confused and asks what's wrong with them being rivals and gets disappointed. Estelle gets embarrassed at not realizing, Schera just sighs as if she had expected it and Agate just makes a confused face. Realizing her intentions though, Estelle agrees to be rivals with her. Sharing some competitive banter, there is a call for final passengers. Anelace and her partner say their goodbyes and leave. Afterwards, Estelle and her partner will just decide to buy the tickets for their flight. They then board the airship and head to Ruan.

Arriving in Ruan

On the airship, Estelle comments on what a nice day it is and states that the people in Ruan are probably bustling at this time of day. Agate responds with a "maybe" and continues that they have probably more stiff to worry about than tourism. Estelle asks what he means by that and Agate explains that there is a mayoral election going on. After explaining a bit more on it, Agate watches as Estelle expresses her excitement and states that its about time that they replaced Mayor Dalmore.

Agate agrees saying that its been a mess saying Estelle got the Mayor arrested and that he heard about what happened from Jean. Estelle chuckles a bit and states that she worked on it after Agate had left her, Joshua and Kloe at the lighthouse. Although she admits that they had help from Nial and that Lt. Schwarz had done the actual arresting part. Agate compliments Estelle on recognizing this and then asks about Kloe/Princess Klaudia. He states his shock at finding out her identity.

Estelle agrees, but then gets reminded on how she hasn't contacted any of her friends since the Queen's Birthday Celebration. Agate explains that he had told Tita and Albert Russell about what happened and Estelle thanks him for that. Agate replies that she had best contact them soon though, lest they get worried. He then explains that Zin had left for Calvard after the festival and that he had told Agate to tell Estelle that he wishes her the best.

Estelle laments that she couldn't have said goodbye to him, and Agate replies that Kloe probably went back to Jenis Royal Academy for school so they'll probably have some time to meet up with her. Estelle starts laughing and admits that Agate is more thoughtful than she had thought. Agate gets all embarrassed at her compliment and tells her that he is going to take a nap in his seat till they arrive. Estelle then takes the opportunity to explore the ship and talk to people.

Arriving in Ruan, Agate and Estelle go straight to Ruan's Bracer Guild and talk to Jean. Jean welcomes the pair back and states how glad he is to see them as work has piled up since Carna left. He then asks if they are ready to go, and Estelle laughs. Agate states that they were expecting a little board work, and then asks if anything critical has shown up. Jean replies that there is nothing crucial yet, since everyone is busy with the Mayoral Election and tourists are avoiding Ruan for the moment until its settled.

Estelle is shocked by Jean's statement and asks who is running. Jean replies that one is Mr. Norman of the tourism industry and the other is Mr. Portos who is for the revival of the harbor and shipping business. He then reminds Estelle that whoever becomes the mayor of Ruan is also the mayor for the entire region as well. Jean then starts gushing about the event and Estelle agrees, but laments that she can't vote in it. However, she does get excited because she was the one who caused this election to happen.

Jean suggests that she read the Liberl News then. Suddenly, Jean gets reminded of a job that they can investigate and tells them about the ghost sightings that have occurred around the province of Ruan for the past two weeks. Agate suggests that it might be real considering multiple people have seen it around the province and Jean reluctantly agrees. Jean then asks if Agate and Estelle could investigate it when they are free enough.

Estelle starts getting nervous and tries to get out of it, but Jean and Agate pick up the fact that she's afraid of ghosts. Estelle tries to deny it, but fails. Jean suggests that she doesn't have to do it, but Agate interrupts and declares that they'll do it. He then justifies his decision to Estelle by saying that the 'white shadow' might be linked to the society. He then says that it's alright for her to be scared, but she should face it not run from it.

Hearing this, Jean timidly suggests that Agate might be acting a little bit harsh on Estelle, but Estelle agrees with Agate. Estelle then tells Jean that they'll be investigating the ghost sightings. Glad by Estelle's response, Jean tells the pair about 3 possible ghost sighting locations and lets them get to work. Once outside Agate and Estelle head to the Ravens Hideout located in the South District.

Re-encountering the Ravens

Estelle then heads to the Ravens hideout with Agate. When they enter they overhear Deen and his crew planning a night on the town. Agate then interrupts their conversation by yelling at them from the door, and the two of them enter the room.

Agate proceeds to yell at the Ravens and expresses his disappointment at how they are currently acting. Deen shrugs it off and says that they were just joking. Deen then suddenly notices Estelle and Rais corrects him.

Estelle says "Hi." to them and mentions that it's been a while. Rocco agrees and Rais congratulates her for winning the Martial Arts Tournament. Estelle giggles and thanks them. Estelle then tells them that they are here for Bracer business and asks about the guy who saw the 'white shadow'. Deen and his friends recognize what Estelle is talking about and when Estelle asks, Agate angrily interrupts and tells them to hurry up.

Rocco gets upset and tells Agate "Where do you get off making demands like that!" He then tells him that he has no right to make demands of them since he'd abandoned them to become a Bracer and ever since he had only come back whenever it was convenient for him. Rocco then tells him to "piss off."

Hearing this, Deen and Rais start panicking and starts telling Rocco to stop. Agate cheerfully agrees and draws his sword. Deen pulls his weapon and laments why did this have to happen, while Rais shows excitement at battling Estelle again. Estelle agrees to fight, even though she's not sure that Rais should be getting excited over it. They then fight.

Agate smiles though and states that Rocco is still a prideful son of a gun. He then asks if Rocco wants him to get on his knees and beg. Rocco replies by drawing his knife and invites Agate to fight him and his crew. Deen panics again and Rais tells Rocco to calm down, but Rocco won't relent stating that if Agate really wants to know then he should beat them first. Rocco continues that if they win - Agate will have to stop acting like a puffed up king fish to them. Agate cheerfully agrees. 

After the battle, Deen admits that Agate and Estelle are strong while Rais raises the white flag, Rocco though just cringes. Agate commends the trio on their effort, but states that they are not putting enough into it. Estelle agrees that they did a good job and suggests that they should become Bracers. Deen and his friends become surprised by her suggestion. After Estelle encourages them some more, Agate scolds her saying that she shouldn't make promises that she can't keep and Bracer work requires more than hired muscle. 

Estelle goes to rebut, but Deen agrees with Agate stating that fighting is the only thing that they know. Rais also agrees, but Rocco gets straight to business. Rocco tells Agate and Estelle that they are looking for a man called Belden. Deen further explains that Belden joined the gang a year after Agate had it and suggests that Agate may've seen him before. Agate states that he does vaguely remember him.

Rais further says that Belden hasn't come by since he saw the ghost and that he may still be in bed judging by what he has heard. Hearing this, Estelle starts panicking and asks if he was cursed. Rocco interrupts her rant and states that he doesn't know, but he does know that he was scared. He furthers mentions that Belden is a spineless rich kid, which confuses Agate, but he mentions that he'll ask him later. Agate asks Rocco for where Belden lives and Rocco tells him the address. Deen then further explains that Belden is the oldest son of Norman the mayoral candidate.

Understanding, Estelle thanks the trio and encourages Agate to go after Belden. Agate agrees and they leave after Agate warns them not to cause any more trouble. Deen returns the goodbye and excitedly says that he hopes that they will come by again - without beating them up next time.

Ghost Sighting #1 - Meeting Belden

Leaving the Warehouse, Agate and Estelle head straight to Norman's place to speak with Belden. At Norman's place Agate and Estelle talk with Belden's mother, Bridget, who welcomes them and explains that her husband isn't home right now. Hearing this, Agate clears up the confusion and states that they are here to see her son. Bridget apologizes for the misunderstanding and states that she thought that they were here for election business. Estelle then realizes that Norman is one of the mayoral candidates. Bridget confirms this and states that his election headquarters is one the top floor of the hotel.

Understanding the circumstances, Estelle explains that they are from the Bracer Guild. Hearing this, Bridget starts panicking thinking that her son has done something wrong. Agate states that he isn't and that they just want to ask him some questions.Relaxing, Bridget explains that her son hasn't spoken a word since he came home and that she can't get her husband to speak to him because he is busy with the campaign. Agate asks if they can speak with him and Bridget agrees, she then leads them to his room.

Up in his room, Agate and Estelle meet Belden. They try to get his attention at first, but Belden is too occupied with beating himself up causing Agate to boldly tell him to listen. Finally noticing them, Belden turns around and starts panicking and asks who they are. Disappointed, Agate tells him that he should at least know him. Finally remembering, Belden asks what Agate is doing in his house. Agate replies that they want to ask him some questions.

Belden agrees to talk and Estelle asks him about the 'white shadow.' Belden states that he much rather not talk about it because it scares him too much causing Agate to yell at him again. Belden agrees in a panic and Estelle scolds Agate for scaring him. Belden then starts explaining that he was living in the warehouse up to a week ago when it happened and that he only comes home for food. Completely in disbelief, Estelle asks why he is staying there when he's got a nice comfy home to live in, but gets reminded about Agate's circumstances.

Agate tells Estelle not to change the subject and urges Belden to continue. Belden continues his story by explaining how he woke up one night while everyone else was sleeping off the booze and that he had went outside to get some fresh air. He then explains that he saw the shadow then and that it was a white shadow floating in the air. Belden further explains that he thinks that it might've been someone in a white cape and a old get-up dancing in the air.

Hearing his story, Estelle chuckles at the specificity of his description and Agate asks if he wasn't drunk and was just seeing things. Belden rejects the notion because it scared him so badly. He then tells Agate and Estelle that he saw the shadow go to the north-east from his position and that he ran inside to wake up everyone straight after that. He further explains that Rocco had punched him for that.

Comprehending, Agate specifically asks Belden about when the event exactly occurred and Belden explains that it was two in the morning. Belden then starts screaming about how he wants to forget everything about it. Hearing this, Estelle grasps his reasons for coming home and Agate calls him a failure of a punk in return. Agate suggests that Belden should just quit the Ravens and Belden agrees that he's not cut out for it, but he can't bring himself to face his dad.

Belden further explains that he could come home now because his father is busy with the election, but once it is over he'll have to face him. Belden further laments that if his dad does win, his own life will get even more restrictive due to Norman wanting to keep a public face. Estelle then states that Belden is just running away from something that he doesn't like. Hearing this, Agate gets fired up and tells Belden to stop relying on others and to find his own answer. Agate then says that he'll tell his mother that too.

After the conversation, Agate suggests to Estelle that they leave and Estelle agrees and thanks Belden. Agate and Estelle then exit the house and head for their next location: Mercia Orphanage.

 Ghost Sighting #2 - Return to Mercia Orphanage

At Mercia Orphanage, Estelle is surprised to see the rebuilt Mercia Orphanage. Agate also shares his surprise considering the building was completely burned down. Estelle states her opinion and expresses how wonderful it is as tears well up in her eyes.

A woman then calls out to Estelle and Estelle cries out in joy to see that its Matron Theresa. Theresa comes up and greets the two. She then notices Agate and he returns the greeting. Theresa recognizes him from the incident with Clem and then thanks him for his help back then. Agate tells her not to sweat it and apologizes for not stopping by sooner. Estelle then interrupts the pair and congratulates Theresa for rebuilding the Orphanage. Estelle then compliments how it looks exactly the same as before.

Theresa explains that she asked the builders to build it that way and they humored her. Estelle agrees with Theresa's claim that it wouldn't be the same and asks if the kids are in. Theresa replies that they are over at Sunday School in Manoria Village. Estelle understands, but states that it is a bit of a problem for them - since they want to ask one of the kids some questions. Theresa correctly guesses that it has something to do with the white man that Polly saw and Estelle that it does. When she hears that its Polly, Estelle shows some understanding and compliments Polly as the sharp one of the kids.

Theresa then smiles and invites the pair inside for some tea and desserts until the kids come home. Estelle shows some reluctance and Agate noticing her expression asks "What's up?" Estelle asks Theresa if she is not going to ask about Joshua and Theresa sadly replies that she had already heard everything from Kloe. Theresa then states that Estelle has been through so much, but Estelle tells her to stop because she won't be able to hold it in. She then starts crying. Agate then watches on as Theresa consoles Estelle and holds her as she cries.

After Estelle stops crying, the trio go inside the orphanage and have some tea. As they are talking, Estelle smacks herself for letting herself being seen like that because she wanted to look like a tough full bracer. Matron Theresa then gets reminded that Estelle has become a Senior Bracer and congratulates Estelle for that. Estelle giggles and humbly admits that she is still a novice, so it's not a big deal.

Agate then listens as Estelle and Theresa talk about Kloe. Estelle then makes plans to see her after her end of term exams. Suddenly, noticing the time, Agate suggests that they head to Manoria Village and pick up the kids. Estelle agrees and Agate offers to escort the children back. Theresa asks if that is really okay and Agate and Estelle agree that it is because they owe her for the snacks and Agate teases Estelle by mentioning that they have to thank her for letting Estelle cry.

Estelle gets embarrassed by Agate's crying comment and Theresa laughs.Theresa thanks the two and says that she'll be waiting for their return. Agate and Estelle then leave the orphanage and once back on the highway, Agate comments on how impressive Theresa is. He then exclaims that he feels humbled by women like her. Giggling, Estelle agrees saying that Theresa is like her mother. Curious, Agate asks about her, but then remembers that she died in the war and it reminds him of something else.

Seeing Agate's blank expression, Estelle tries to get his attention. Agate then subtly states that "Women are strong. Stronger than you'd think......" Estelle makes a confused face, and Agate shrugs it off saying that they should get to Manoria Village.

Ghost Sighting #2 - Meeting with Kevin Graham Again

In Manoria Village, Agate experiences a deja vu sensation and states that he hasn't been here since the whole stolen donations incident. He notes that its still quiet, but Estelle proclaims that there is nothing wrong with that. She then compares it with Agate's hometown and states that he guesses. Wanting to change the subject, Agate urges Estelle to go get the children.

At the windmill, Estelle begins reminiscing about the time when she and Joshua had a picnic on one of the benches there. Agate notices her expression and asks what's up. Estelle laughs and explains what happened and Agate becomes concerned about her. Noticing Agate's expression, Estelle tells him not to worry and and expresses that Joshua may have been sick of her back then because she didn't notice his feelings for her. Agate tells her that she is still a kid and asks if she needs a second by herself. Estelle tells him "No." and that she can't stop now.Estelle then happily declares that they should go find that Sunday School now and Agate agrees.

At the windmill, Agate and Estelle see the sign for Sunday School on the door, Estelle assumes that they are still in session and Agate suggests that they check it out since they might've finished for the day. Estelle agrees and the two of them take a peek. Taking a peek, Estelle recognizes the teacher as Kevin Graham who is giving the children a lesson. In the class, Kevin is finishing reciting the story of "Doll Knight" to the children.

Immersed in the story, Clem becomes upset that it is over and Mary calls him a dummy and says that it's a wonderful ending. She then talks about how Pedro will marry Tina and live happily ever after and gushes over how romantic it is. Lucia agrees with her and Daniel mentions how he wants some of that tea. Polly talks about how cool Capri is. Finally free, Kevin relaxes having told all 22 chapters of the story to the kids and announces that class is over for the day.

Clem shows disappointment by this and Mary thanks Kevin for giving the class. Suddenly, Kevin notices someone at the door and invites Agate and Estelle to come in. Estelle apologizes for peeking and she walks in with Agate. Seeing the pair, the kids (and Kevin) become shocked and excited at seeing Estelle again as Estelle greets them. They run up to her and cheerfully greet her and Estelle admits her astonishment at how lively they are. She then turns to Kevin and Kevin becomes happy that she remembered him. Estelle declares of course she does and shows surprise that he is actually a priest again. Kevin laments the hate on his "duds" and shows his surprise at fortuitously meeting Estelle again. He then asks if it could be fate.

Later on at the Orphanage, Estelle is telling everyone on how she met Kevin. Surprised, Theresa comments on how it is truly a small world and Kevin laughs at the craziness of it all. Kevin thanks the matron for lunch, and Theresa states that its no trouble at all considering how much the father has helped her. Clem then calls out to Estelle and asks her why Joshua isn't with her. Estelle reluctantly explains that Joshua is busy with work and the children lament over how too bad it is and Polly admits that she wanted to see Joshua dressed up in the princess costume again.

Estelle nervously laughs and then asks the children about Sunday School and what it is was that they were reading. Clem declares that it was a book called "Doll Knight," and it is an awesome action story about the battle between puppeteers. Mary then scolds Clem and corrects him with her own "romantic" interpretation. Kevin though corrects the two of them by saying that it's a young adult novel series that he had brought with him to Liberl and that he had originally planned to read it in bits to them, but was convinced to read the entire thing in class.

Estelle comments on how that backfired for him and Matron Theresa thanks him for doing that. She then asks if he is heading back to Ruan now and Kevin admits that he is. Kevin then asks what Estelle is doing in Ruan and Estelle becomes reminded of why they came to Mercia Orphanage in the first place. Theresa responds that she wanted to ask about the white man that Polly saw and Estelle takes the opportunity to ask Polly about it.

Polly responds that the "white man was a white man", and that he was spinning like a top. Estelle doesn't really comprehend Polly, so Mary explains that about 4 days ago, Polly was outside spacing out when she saw a white man floating in the air. Polly further explains that he was dancing in circles in the air and that when she tried talking to him, he bowed and flew away. Clem snarks that Polly was probably imagining it, and Theresa admits that she had thought it too, but then someone else saw it too.

Theresa turns to Daniel and asks him about it and Daniel admits that he only saw a little. He then tells the group that he saw the white shadow at night and that it was flying towards the east. Estelle is flabbergasted by this, but Agate admits that he finds it more believable now that two kids have seen it and admits his confusion on the bowing. He then asks Polly if she got a look at his face and Polly tells Agate that he was wearing a mask, so she couldn't tell what he looked like.

Estelle is shocked by the mask comment and Agate is baffled by the mask thing. Clem scolds Polly that she should really say this stuff sooner and Polly replies that nobody asked her about it. Putting the matter aside, Theresa continues the story that after she heard this, she called the Bracer Guild for a just in case scenario, but they haven't seen the shadow since then. Thinking about it, Agate thanks the orphans for answering their questions.

After the tea, Matron Theresa and the children see off Estelle, Kevin and Agate at the entrance and tells Agate and Estelle that they are welcome to come back any time and that she'll see Kevin at the next class. Estelle and the others say they will and Clem responds by saying goodbye and tells Estelle to bring Joshua next time. Estelle nervously says that she will, says her goodbyes and the group leaves.

On the highway, Kevin stops and comments on how energetic the kids are and wonders if the matron is a candidate for sainthood because of how well-mannered the kids were. Estelle agrees with him and mentions that another girl (Klaudia) helps her out too, however she was busy with exams today so she couldn't make it. Understanding the situation, Kevin states that he is heading on to Ruan and asks Agate and Estelle, if they want to tag along. Agate and Estelle agree and they head off to Ruan.

Ghost Sighting #3 - Air Letten Checkpoint

In Ruan, Kevin expresses his relief at being back. He then thanks Agate and Estelle who thank him back. Agate compliments him on his old crossbow and Estelle compliments by saying how Kevin would make a good Bracer. Kevin gets embarrassed and starts flirting with Estelle and Estelle irritatingly tells him to knock it off. Getting back to the subject of ghosts, Kevin reports that people have been coming to the church with similar complaints and that Father Theodore thinks that it isn't an ordinary spirit.

Estelle asks why and Agate explains how according to the Septian Church when good people die; they join Aidios in the sky. Kevin confirms this and continues by saying that all sinners are supposed to go to Gehenna. He further adds that sometimes there are people who fall in between the two, and that they refer to these souls as ghosts. Estelle gets freaked out and asks if that is the case, why is the ghost not normal and Kevin responds that ghosts are normally bound to something e.g. place, person etc. and what makes it abnormal is that it is not following the proper pattern of one.

Kevin continues telling Estelle that Father Theodore is worried about it and Estelle expresses the same concerns. Kevin then finishes up the conversation by saying that he has to get to church now and says goodbye to the pair and leaves. After he leaves, Estelle compliments Kevin on his good advice and his pension for weirdness. Agate tells her not to worry as all of the wandering priests are weirdos. He then mentions about the priest who used to come to his village.

Steering the conversation away from that subject, Estelle asks Agate if they have anyone else to talk to and Agate responds that they do.